What kind of team power do I need to finish the story line? Is it doable with only 3* heroes?

I’m close to 2500 team power, but the levels are getting harder, I’m wondering what does it take to finish the entire season 1 story.

Congrats on advancing your team so far. 2500 is a nice milestone to pass.

I think it would be very difficult to pas with 3* heroes only. You will need some 4*, and hopefully a 5*, to finish it. As I remember, I had 2 4* maxed, 2 5* at 3-70, and a leveling 4* when I beat it. My memory isn’t perfect though.

I do remember rushing it a bit and then wondering why I did so once I was finished. I did use some battle items too. My advice is to keep advancing a little more before you start pushing to finish. Progress until you have some trouble passing a map, then take a few days off to level yourself and your heroes a few times. Then try again and see how much easier it is to pass that one difficult map. Repeat until you finish.

Good luck!!!



I was wondering if I was doing something wrong, but I guess my team isn’t strong enough yet.

On what province and level are you now? And do you have a 4* or 5* hero?

Great advice.

I have finished season 1 about three weeks ago. The heroes I used were:

Caedmon 4* at 4/30~ // dps
Rigard 4* at 4/00~ // healer
Aeron 5* at 2/70 // healer
Hu Tao 4* at 3/60 // dps
Chao 4* at 4/00~ // dps

I left out Colen 4* at 4/00~ and used Hu Tao to stack 2 yellow heroes against the purple boss.

I used bombs/axes. Defense banners and HP/Mana potions. Once I delivered the final hit, only Chao was just alive (300~ HP left) and I had used all my battle items. It was a very close call and tough battle.

And for your info, the final battle consists of 2 mobs and 1 boss. You don’t have stages of mobs first.

3100 + - Would be a good estimate i think. (Of course it matters what your team is etc) Good luck mate


It is possible with only 3* heroes, but I would highly recommend waiting for a good team of 4/5s before trying. The reward isn’t all that great, so don’t feel pressured to complete the story when you could simply farm levels like 5-8, 8-7, 9-1, and 13-6.

Just for fun, here’s a video of me beating the last level with only 3*s :slight_smile:


I have been able to auto-win the next to last level with a team of maxed 5* before, but last night I tried again and failed. 3* played smartly would still be super hard I think.

I agree. I think that all 3* would be tough.

I beat the level last night and I was about 3100, if I remember correctly.

Sabina Maxed
Wu at about 3/24
BT at 4/16
Grimm at 4/38
Vivica at 3/70

It wasn’t too tough. I used some arrows and a few healing potions. So I’d say that, depending on your individual heroes, you’d probably be ok with a team in the high 2000’s, especially if you have a couple of decent yellow hitters or Wu.

Like most of the players have already suggested, a team consisted of mainly 3* will be a little hard pressed to finish the last few provinces (doable, but will likely require you to exhaust your resources). For the longest time, I just kept myself at Province 20 Stage 3 (this was before the announcement of season 2 originally slated for September), because I had 3 4* heroes at 3^60 and couldn’t get enough AM to ascend them to their last tier and my other two (although maxed 3^50 3*) were dying way too quickly to the mobs (even with battle items) and even if they didn’t and I manage to finish a stage, I might just be scraping by with just the hair on my back (heroes mostly dead, no revives, all battle aids gone). So I just decided to wait until I can get better heroes (via TC) and in the mean time craft more battle items in reserve.

After getting better heroes, and I can field a team of 4*, it definitely made breathing easier, the upped HP, Attack and Defense really do make a difference. Around this point in time, the ones I am mostly concerned are the Epic Stages within each province, mostly infested by Fire mob or Purple mob that not only hit, but also have special abilities (DOT, Attack Debuff, Defense Debuff, etc.) and can really cause you trouble as you work your way toward the stage boss. It makes battle item usage and conservation very important.

Finally, do not underestimate your Troops, even though they are hard to level up, they are what sets your heroes apart from his/her basic stats. So would also use the time to constantly upgrade your Troops.

Do you recall if you ever used revival or miracle scrolls with that team in the final levels?

It’s not the final level that you need to be worried about, it’s the special levels that feature all elite (Mana special) enemies in the last couple of provinces. Those are tough with a team of maxed 4s, it would take some really, really good boards to pass those with 3s.

that was awesome! nicely done

I have not used scrolls during the final levels. I have used mana and healing potions, arrows and turtle banners. On the final level I have also used bombs and axes. Saving my scrolls for events!

Thank you! I play for 2 month now and have only threes except Rigard. I don’t progress anymore. I spent some money on diamonds for draws but maybe was unlucky. You are giving me hope.

One year ago, there were no emblems. 3* heroes with 15-20 emblems are a lot stronger than 3* heroes at 3/50+0. It shouldn’t be too hard to beat all season 1 levels with the right 3* heroes at +10 or higher.

A Rigard healer will help a lot too. Especially, if you use spirit bond a lot to avoid getting one-shots or two hard hits in one round.


You should be able to get some more 4* heroes once you level your training camps up to 20 and complete research for legendary heroes. Plus you will slowly earn gems by filling your chests, if you’re lucky you will occasionally get a good hero from the 300 gem summons (or from epic hero tokens when you’re lucky enough to get them). Also look out for Atlantis events, 100 Atlantis tokens will give you a free draw . If you play enough, you will eventually pick up more 4* heroes without having to spend a bunch of money.

Thank you! Until then I 'll build an army of friar tucks :smiley:

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I actually hate Friar, personally. Pray for Belith instead, she’s a keeper. :wink:

I hate him, too, but I already drew 3 from epic and elemental draws :sob:

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In this game, you will find that you often pull more of the heroes that you hate the most. Not sure if that’s intentional on the developer’s part… but it tends to happen quite often.

Don’t worry, you’ve only been playing 2 months. Eventually you will get something good. It took me at least 4-5 months to build a somewhat decent rainbow team.

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