What kind of random is that?


I know that every item dropped is fully random, but how on earth could I get 3 warm thing in 3 minutes ?

No joke. Titan gots me one. Titan chest gots me an other one. Then mystical vision, an other one… 3 in 3 minute. What were the odds ._.

End of this useless topic. I was just too surprised, sorry.

Have a nice week-end !


To answer your question: what kind of random is that?

The best kind.


The kind that make me envy your luck… I only have 2 warm capes left…


I got one from an escaped titan today. And nothing special for loot tier XI/A+ yesterday. That kind of randomness sucks at the moment, I wish I had your luck :slight_smile:

I actually found this whole page on “randomness” really interesting and like a lot of other players and forum members like math. It’s a good read. Anyway here is the link if ur interested. Hope u enjoy.

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