What kind of game videos do you like to watch?

Hello everyone. I’m going to make some gameplay videos and upload to YouTube. I use a gameplay recorder to make it and I usually use recmaster to record the entire process, because I don’t want to distracted while playing games. So I want to edit my videos. What kind of game videos do you like to watch? The full gameplay process or just excellent clips? Thank you in advance! I do appricate your suggestions.

Mario Kart greatest game!

Scantily clad female game streamer.

Who tf cares what game to stream?

I like Mario Kart as well :slight_smile: Sonic isnt bad either

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I love mario kart, it’s kind of embarrassing when my nine year old is better than me now though :laughing:

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I love watching speed runs :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

But I suspect that probably isn’t the intent of your OP title question :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

Re your actual question I’m always, and will always, be a proponent of showing the FULL PICTURE… Showing highlights just gives people a false feeling with regards to the gambling/ Gatcha model the game is built on.


Thanks bro! I’ll try it haahaa

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Thank you very much for your suggestion!!

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