What kind of event is Wonderland, Seasonal or Challenge? [ANSWER: Reflect Green Challenge Event]

There’s this sneak peak of the city raised… i wonder if its going to be like our base, with some buildings inside


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I hope Atlantis wouldn’t be a city but a flying castle.
Poseidon have the seas, now he want the lands and the skies.


It kind of feels like you just watched Aquaman and came here and posted that. :stuck_out_tongue:


I suppose no kage.
We had 3 heroes family lagoon and sakura.
Now we will have 3 heroes family atlantis (logically) and i suppose 1 of these heroes is final boss.

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Judging by skill that one can be only Atomos.

They announced one new event in new update and still I don’t see any y ?

Wonderland will start this Thursday, February 14.


Spoiler alarm :see_no_evil: :hear_no_evil: :speak_no_evil: :wink:

Yeah, but I wasn’t the spoiler. :wink:


Hole thread was meant…

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Hi all, does we know if talents are allowed in the challenge event ? Maybe beta tester can tell us? Or maybe I didn’t found this on the forum…

Thanks in advance

@algeco Unlike Class Trials, you can use any class of heroes in Challenge Events.

However, there are three tiers, each with limits on hero and troop rarity:

  • Rare: 3* or lower heroes, 2* or lower troops
  • Epic: 4* or lower heroes, 3* or lower troops
  • Legendary: 5* or lower heroes, 4* or lower troops

Additionally, there are limits on allowed items.

For more information, see Memento 4 Events


Thanks @zephyr1, but can we use BT at 4x70 +2 for exemple or will it be limited at 4x70 ?

My question wasn’t clear apparently, sorry for my English …

Got it, I understand what you’re asking now.

Yes, from my understanding, a hero’s talent grid upgrades will still apply in the Challenge Events. So you can use Boldtusk +2 and have the chance for Revive, and his stat increase.

There’s been some discussion amongst players about whether that’s a good idea, for instance:

If you want to discuss that more, I suggest checking out that thread, it has an interesting conversation about Challenge Events and Talents.


Ok all good but witch colour will reflect in the next event?

Green, Wonderland will fill that gap as the fifth Challenge Event, since all the other colors have been covered by the existing four Challenge Events.


I’m gonna bump this up… please merge it with a similar topic if it exists.

Will the new Wonderland quest feature green reflect shields?

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Thanks dave, I was wonder if Wonderland is going to be green reflect. Anyone have a good guess? Lol

Its green reflect



@zephyr1 should somethin be done with this thread?


Rigs you’re awesome! Always the one with a quick answer/comment for me. Appreciate it.

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