What kind of event is Wonderland, Seasonal or Challenge? [ANSWER: Reflect Green Challenge Event]

But having said this, we probably need to drop the discussion about moderation decisions. If you feel strongly about the issue and want to talk about it @CheTranqui, I’d recommend you ask Petri to PM you.


The paranoid fear of speculations, beta leaks and whatnot must be a syndrome connected to those actually participating and the staff. It’s totally ridiculous. For everyone else, such information and discussion is merely interesting and helps to keep our attention up.

For outsiders it must seem like we’re discussing super secret, important stuff in here.


@CheTranqui do you have Line? My id is jrigs

I still did not see the screenshot i posted on the wiki. And SG has banned it from being posted, if you could look at it and link me to the same image, that would be great

If this was all a big misunderstanding on my part, I’ll openly admit that. But that’s the biggest reaction I’ve seen from SG staff to something I’ve posted since i started playing so definitely has me suspicious

Nevermind @Garanwyn showed me how a browser could have been used to view the wiki with similar color scheme to what i have. So i stand corrected.

Just 1 big misunderstanding. Thanks @Garanwyn and @CheTranqui

At least now we know wiki info can’t be posted to the forum


That was only due to my not sufficiently marking something that wasn’t live in the game. It should be perfectly safe to quote and link to the wiki. Every other page that refers to non-live material states as such clearly. That schedule was a new addition and I hadn’t thought there to be a need to incorporate ‘tentative’ wording. It has been corrected and the dire nature of such warnings is now at the forefront, which will keep it from happening again.

It’s perfectly safe to link to and quote the wiki.


I didn’t spend much this month in hopes that the wonderland event and heroes would be released in the first quarter of this year. Glad to see it’s true!

Yes, just wanted to clarify that posting E&P fan page links (such as wikis) is perfectly fine (and thank you @CheTranqui for all your hard work with the wiki). Claiming something as official information, however, is not.

That being said, seems like there was indeed a misunderstanding and thank you @Rigs for clarifying it.


So that rising palace thing is final set of stages or are you guessing?

I don’t think we know for sure yet, but we do know there will be 270 stages:


And we know there are 10 stages per Province so far, and we know there are only 24 Provinces shown on the map:

So the logical possibilities are either more stages in some of the remaining provinces, or more Provinces that are not yet visible.


Lol! Now I feel dumb because that makes total sense. Thank you :).

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No problem, and not dumb at all. :slight_smile: It’s speculative either way.


@SamwiseTheBrave I have no Beta Information, @zephyr1 explained it perfectly thanks

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They also open 3 new provinces each month and there are 3 more *5 heroes to be featured (Atomos, Poseidon, Ariel), each of them featured twice. It means that if Atlantis stop at province 24 in two more months, there are two heroes which have not been featured twice, which make me wonder if they are going to unveil new provinces at April along with featuring the two.

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That seems reasonable too, since we’ll presumably see Hero A + Hero B (whichever two of the new ones come first) with Provinces 19-21 this month, and Hero A + Hero C with Provinces 22-24 next month. So the usual Hero B + Hero C featured would make sense to come after that with the final provinces.


I would go a little farther. new buildings that don’t match current base, massive construction slowly coming out of the water and as you’ve mentioned new Atlantis 5* heroes cycle. I believe we will be going to Atlantis in April and taking over the city in May


Middle map change. We could see a city a little more to each 3 maps.


Exactly - when Atlantis rises (which it has been slowly doing, if you haven’t noticed) three more provinces show up.


Next season is spring and for the last two year we had rabbits for Easter. Most likely will have that again

I think if there is a new base in Atlantis then only ppl who finished Atlantis provinces could reach/see/use that base.
Otherwise tell us and I WONT WASTE my WE on S2 at all.
@Kerridoc @Petri

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means in this building there are 30 more stages if we complete all Atlantis maps :thinking:

Why do you say 59?
There should be 3 provinces, 10 levels each… isn’t it?


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