What kind of event is Wonderland, Seasonal or Challenge? [ANSWER: Reflect Green Challenge Event]

Alice can be situational, but I can see her use in wars where there is auto healing for defenders. However, I wonder how long the sniped target will last once they have been hit by Alice’s special in the first place. I feel her special is kinda misplaced, and would have been more useful in less hard hitting attacks but then improve some other special for her.

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Thank you for the complete information. :blush::blush:


I wish her attack debuff had the splash like Scarletts. Could have went the alasie route where 1 target recieves damage but 3 recieve the effects.

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Please note that posting beta content (images, videos) is prohibited outside of the Beta Program.

Yes, currently ETA for the new Challenge Event is next month (14th of February).


Hmm my post was edited but i posted no pics or vids

New rule?

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I have edited this post, please note that sharing false claims and information is prohibited by the Forum Rules. We have not shared such schedule to any of our players, as while the rotation is in place, it is still subject to change.


Do challenge events start based on second thursday or second saturday … or is it fully random.
Asking because fables released june 7th and wondeland is slated for feb 14th.

Trying to plan for events in coming months was wondering how to track spawn dates

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I agree with the forum rules, but until proven/released any internet information is “absolved of any crime” as stated in “a court of law” :smile:

and as I see above “that internet info” wasnt false; already excited for the coming Queen :blush:


Usually, that’s how my romances end :wink:


Romance and decapitation is common sense for praying mantis :skull_and_crossbones:


Wait…don’t all romances end this way??? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


14th February we have an event, still not sure which event will be.

I assume if all go smoothly with Alice, we can hope to see the Queen.
Otherwise same cycle.


Petri said “new” not “next:slight_smile: so I think it will be Alice :smile:


Yes, i guess that’s what they want too.
Not great problems or different opinions in beta, so it is likely to be the new one.
Still that’s not official.

If we get a new version before that date, i bet we see the wonderland event in the release note :wink:


The screenshot I’ve seen that has a schedule is not from beta. It looks like a Wiki site, not the official forum. In fact, it has the same typo in June as your post. More likely than not, someone with edit privileges on that site is in beta and assumed that Wonderland was coming in February and filled out the rest with the known rotation/timing. No conspiracy theory necessary.

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@Rigs @Petri

If he got a talking to, I feel that I should stand up for Rigs here. I am the one who put the dates up on the wiki. I have zero access to any beta information. No one from beta contacts me, nor do I know who is and is not a part of the beta. I put the information there as speculation as an educated guess which will absolutely be adjusted moving forward if my current hypothesis is proven inaccurate.

If you would like to see the approach that I have taken regarding leaked beta information, then I would like to point you to the page on what many have declared is next month’s HotM, Kunchen, where I declare only the bare basics. By compare, I have actually seen all of the hero cards associated with the Wonderland event, and have chosen not to put any of that information on the wiki. @Petri If you at SG would like to have a hand in assisting with the wiki, I have contacted your customer service over a month ago with no response - a response would be a great way to start that conversation.

I wanted to air this out because of Rigs declaration that he was confused why his post was edited and he was personally contacted. I simply wanted to offer a defense - the error in the June date was consistent with my own initial error (which is now corrected, thank you for that). As such… He should be absolved of any wrong should anything have been done as a result. He simply didn’t know that I haven’t beta contacts and assumed that I might.

(fwiw - the assumed schedule is still there. I’ll adjust it when February happens and we know for sure one way or the other. I figured that my original order has zero chance of happening since it didn’t include Wonderland at all, so I might as well make an educated guess and work with that assumption until proven wrong. :slight_smile: )


Thanks for clearing this up :slight_smile: . I don’t see anything wrong with speculating a schedule (I would label it as such in the wiki), and I only guessed someone in beta wrote it since that’s where the original time frame was posted (and subsequently posted elsewhere, but that’s beside the point). The only thing I was attempting to assert in my last post is that there is no need to frame the information as a supposed leak from an uber-secret official high roller section of the forum. A more reasonable alternative explanation exists that excludes any nefarious intent or wrongdoing.

Thank you for helping to maintain the wiki, as it is a great resource to many who play the game :smiley:


Good call. This is the first Big Release since I’ve taken to the wiki in which I’ve seen so much leaked stuff and I’ve debated on how to cover/manage it. I’ll be sure to mark non-live stuff more clearly in the future.


The beta freakout thing has always been overblown. For Season 2, I got the secrecy, it was a huge reveal, and really a massive expansion of the game in a lot of ways. Challenge event heros and dates? Whatever. The Wonderland heros were up less than an hour after hitting beta. Saw them, know full well they might (and probably will) change, and I’m fine with that. It’s just nice to know generally what we’re looking at for planning purposes. To that end, I kind of wish SG would just tell the general community what they are putting in beta and what the general timeframe is for release. No photos, just descriptions.


As much as I agree with you that having that information for planning purposes is important for serious players I also know exactly what would happen.

  • If they put out projected dates people will freak out when they inevitably miss a projection.

  • If they put out hero information people will inevitably complain that they spent hundreds/thousands (or whatever quantity qualifies as exorbitant in their own currency) of dollars (or own local currency) on gems only to have the hero changed. “It’s a bait and switch!” they’ll cry.

  • Some other stupid conspiracy theory to accompany all the “random isn’t random” conspiracy theories.

I’ve seen it happen with other games where developers that were really engaged with the community gave out information (especially estimated release dates) on unreleased content and the backlash after that information really soured the relationship.

Basically, any large population will have enough vocal idiots to ruin things for the rest of that population.