What kind of event is Wonderland, Seasonal or Challenge? [ANSWER: Reflect Green Challenge Event]

Sure june 13. Have the screenshot of the schedule but cant post what I’m assuming is a beta pic so retyped the info and shared it that way due to SG rule(which again proves the rule really has no benefit)

The list is shown as an official announcement thread from SG in a forum that looks like this one but isn’t this one. So yes a “valued customer” group does exist.

Posted it but petri deleted it. 1st time I’ve seen them do that rather than just openly correcting bad info. Also the 1st time I’ve ever recieved a private message from petri.

So call it a “conspiracy theory” if you want, but when there’s screenshots of questionable activity going on, it’s hard to believe that’s all it is


@Kerridoc, Please PM me.


If you’re looking for a mod in general, it looks like @Coppersky might be around right now…


So now decisions have to be made. My first ten pull, Wonderland or Fables. Sounds like Wonderland has some good possibilities.


Wonderland hands down


+1 on that advice

Chances are good the new heroes will have powers that compare very favorably to old heroes.


Is today officially “Post Stuff You’re Not Supposed To On The Forum” day or something?

@Petri, @Sara, @Na.na, you’re probably going to want to clean up this thread sooner rather than later…


so overall whether the wonderland hero is better than the previous event hero? :grin:


@Garanwyn I think he forgot to drink a cup of coffee today :grin:

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Could well be

20 :coffee:


This changes everything… Thanks @Rigs @zephyr1 @MrMeeseeks

My hoard of 10 pulls is waiting to go off


This one.

More then “overpowered” it seems we are now turn gradually on new mechanics and new kind of specials.
In this case really particular and fun, but not always “too much effective”.

Strange rather then amazing.


Definitely unique

Will say that Queen sounds like one of the best minion summoners so far

Mad hatter sounds better than a dispeller

Chesh is a regular defense debuffer against yellow but not sure what made devs think that was needed(could have just buffed the original pulverizers). The random shuffle of defenses sound fun though.

Captain of diamonds seems like another niche minion killer that will as useless as gobbler. Really don’t see many minion summoners in defenses besides delilah and we were killing her minions without niche heros for a long time. Sure there’s MN and Santa but at slow mana by the time they go off, i typically have multiple special skills ready anyways. A fast mana AoE similar to Zims is the ideal minion killer to me. Sounds like they made queen of hearts then made captian diamonds to counter her and just put them in the same event, he’ll be another 4* feeder

Alice is the first blue attack dropper that i know of. Seems like she’ll be nice to use against grave but still not as useful as zeline is against everyone.

And this is all just guesses from reading the info on the cards, we’ll have to wait and see really


Yes, the Hatter, the Queen and Alice are all interesting but all them have natural “flaws”.

The Hatter is useless against no-buffers (he can’t steal anything)
Alice without a healer is basically another fast sniper.
The queen without her card is only another tanky hero.

All of them can be really useful, but they are situational.
And that’s not a bad thing.


Alice can be situational, but I can see her use in wars where there is auto healing for defenders. However, I wonder how long the sniped target will last once they have been hit by Alice’s special in the first place. I feel her special is kinda misplaced, and would have been more useful in less hard hitting attacks but then improve some other special for her.

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Thank you for the complete information. :blush::blush:


I wish her attack debuff had the splash like Scarletts. Could have went the alasie route where 1 target recieves damage but 3 recieve the effects.

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Please note that posting beta content (images, videos) is prohibited outside of the Beta Program.

Yes, currently ETA for the new Challenge Event is next month (14th of February).


Hmm my post was edited but i posted no pics or vids

New rule?

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I have edited this post, please note that sharing false claims and information is prohibited by the Forum Rules. We have not shared such schedule to any of our players, as while the rotation is in place, it is still subject to change.


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