What kind of event is Wonderland, Seasonal or Challenge? [ANSWER: Reflect Green Challenge Event]

Thanks, updated write-up. Alice is particularly troublesome when targeted at a hero with a Heal-over-Time effect.

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Like tarlak, alby, guin?

Yep. Or Ares. Or if the target has a healing elemental link. Lots of ways to get hammered.

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Field aid too maybe? Sounds useful.

can someone post the wonderland box? rivals, colors, etc. The rewards? similar, but with emblems.

It’ll be here when it’s available:


And? Where are the information?

It’s not officially released yet, so none of the Beta images can be posted on the forum yet.

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It’s reflect green (we know that much for certain). And we know the enemy colors because we can see them on the picture SG posted:

Alice is blue
Red Queen is red
Mad Hatter is green
Cheshire Cat is purple
Captain of Diamonds is blue

There’s discussion of their abilities here:

Plan your strategy accordingly.


I actually hesitate to respond to any of your posts because you are so abusive to beta players and paranoid in your posts. In addition, knowing some of this information does nothing to change the mono teams people use. However, I will post what I have of the bosses since this is not video or images and since much of this information has leaked anyway. The problem is that there were changes in minions from when I took notes in the first version to the second version of the event. The minions on most stages are green and red or for some levels (2,6, and possibly 9) purple and green. Please do NOT take these as final and play for yourself. I always run through beginner and take notes on minions because sometimes what is published initially is not 100% accurate. I think some of the minions accompanying these heroes have changes as well so I have left them out. There is a graphic that will come out but it has images and therefore it cannot be shared until the challenge is released.

Stage Bosses
1 Blue Captain
2 Purple Cheshire Cat
3 Red Queen
4 Blue Alice
5 Green Hatter
6 Blue Captain/Purple Cheshire Cat
7 Red Queen/Blue Captain
8 Red Queen/Purple Cheshire Cat
9 Blue Alice/Purple Cheshire Cat
10 Blue Alice/Green Hatter/Red Queen


Very diplomatically said.

Also. Thank you for the information.

Does it look like blue and red stacking to beat wonderland?

red and purple for me.

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Guess my buffed paladin hero’s going to blast the living h*ll outta queen of hearts :slight_smile: ! Not so useless hero is he?

Killa times tenth power

For Level 10 yes you should stack blue preferably, if not then red. This is assuming you only want to finish the quest for the completion awards and use minimal battle items. For competitive ranking, I’m not sure what will work best. Carpet bombing works with a little SS help. I think the full payload of direct damage battle items falls a little short of killing all bosses. This also assumes that nothing has changed since the last version of beta.

Your approach for Legendary Level 10 should be to kill QoH first with a blue color stack and SS. If you choose to color stack red, you should still kill QoH first. Her SS will make it extremely difficult to kill anyone else. Although if you go mono red and get the perfect cascade of tiles, it is possible to kill Hatter first, I did that once or twice in beta but I wasn’t trying to do it. I also saw the results of someone color stacking purple and killing QoH last. If he wants to chime in on his method he will. BTW, I was using only 4-star classic heroes so I was counting on double Grimms + Kiril + Sonya for the blue color stack. You might be able to get away with a trio of blue if the devs eased up on the defense stats of the bosses but from the feedback they were getting I wouldn’t bet on it.

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Heroes like Aegir vs. Hatter are vulnerable, as he steals all the buffs. (Though with Aegir, that might be a tactical advantage for you. :rofl:)


Lol charrrrracterssssss

Every time I get ready to start feeding Aegir I see a comment like this and go … :thinking: