What kind of event is Wonderland, Seasonal or Challenge? [ANSWER: Reflect Green Challenge Event]



Hello everyone! Will the Wonderland be a seasonal event or a Nature monthly event? Any information will be appreciate!

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I believe it will be a reflect green event on rotation.

Seasonal events follow the seasons.


The preview announcement actually explicitly said it was a Challenge Event, as @PeachyKeen said above:

5th Challenge Event: Wonderland



Zephyr is spot on.

An image was accidentally posted of the beta testing which showed 10 stages. This means that it is a 10 stage challenge event, not a 20+ stage seasonal. If it’s in beta now, then it can likely be expected for February, too.

This is important for everyone to know since Epic Hero Tokens can be used for pulls on Seasonal Events, but cannot be used for Challenge Events.

Can you use epic tokens for upcoming Grimforest - Jan 2019

I’m going to go out on a limb and guess March or April is more likely. A February release would make for an extremely tight beta cycle.

Can you use epic tokens for upcoming Grimforest - Jan 2019

My Guess would be later on once Atlantis is finished.
With 9 provinces left this should be May. I wouldn’t mind being wrong, if it comes sooner.


I thought it was due in June. sure I read that on the news page


They don’t typically do a beta that far in front of release. Feb. seems to early, so my guess is also March. Just a guess.


Petri said “february/march”. I’m searching for his comment…


It is because of this quote, matched with the fact that the marquee hero is the Queen of Hearts, that I expect it to appear on Valentine’s Day. :slight_smile:


I’m pretty sure that post isn’t from the public portion of the forum…

That would certainly be poetic timing of sorts.

After all…

…nothing says romance like mass decapitation.


I can’t release specific info but in the name of fairness I think a very general comment is in order. The enemies/minions in this event are red, blue, green, and purple. Since the reflect color is green, logically the colors to work on heroes/troops are red, blue, and yellow.

P.S. Some of the 4* and 5* event heroes are quite unique and interesting to a lot of players. I’m worried about my spending for this event and the next couple months of S2…


It’s been scheduled for February 14-17


This schedule was released by SG to their “valued” customers(have yet to see a public release, feel free to link if I’m wrong):

2019 Challenge Event Schedule



June 14 is a Friday, would it be June 13?

None of the posts I’ve seen indicate whether they’ve decided on when to release Wonderland. Though, I’m not on any ‘valued customer’ list, if such a thing exists.


Sure june 13. Have the screenshot of the schedule but cant post what I’m assuming is a beta pic so retyped the info and shared it that way due to SG rule(which again proves the rule really has no benefit)

The list is shown as an official announcement thread from SG in a forum that looks like this one but isn’t this one. So yes a “valued customer” group does exist.

Posted it but petri deleted it. 1st time I’ve seen them do that rather than just openly correcting bad info. Also the 1st time I’ve ever recieved a private message from petri.

So call it a “conspiracy theory” if you want, but when there’s screenshots of questionable activity going on, it’s hard to believe that’s all it is


@Kerridoc, Please PM me.


If you’re looking for a mod in general, it looks like @Coppersky might be around right now…


So now decisions have to be made. My first ten pull, Wonderland or Fables. Sounds like Wonderland has some good possibilities.


Wonderland hands down