What killed my team?

Got my team killed by some ghost effect in my last tournament fight today. No idea what happened, so I guess it was some bug. Maybe somebody comes up with an idea.

So, this was the enemy

I used Balthazar, Berden, Brienne, Berden, Prisca, all 3/50, no emblems.

I lost Balthazar early on, but all my other guys charged and I even got to use Brienne first, so I had them down to Belith and GillRa, so except for the slash attacks I should have recived no damage. The only DOT they had was Nashgar but he killed Balthazar then I got him down. Kailani never casted. So, at the end, it was down to Belith and GillRa (her spell was active, but as far as I know it has no DOT) vs. Berden Brienne Berden, all, friends and foes, down to about 50% HP. Suddenly, three turns later, my team was dead for no aparent reasons. It happened so sudden I never thought of taking pictures or something like this, but I’m 100% this is exactly how it went down. How exactly did this happen? Any ideea?

I had no idea how the battle resulted in those last three turns but let me see

  • On your side, Berden, Brienne and another Berden were alive. Everyone about 50% HP (around 350HP?)

  • On the enemy side, Belith and Gill-Ra were alive.

If Gill-Ra special was active, your heroes had a defense debuff.

In three turns Belith and Gill-Ra could have slashed twice, so you could have received 4 attacks. But I can’t imagine those heroes dealing 350HP damage each attack to take down your 3 heroes, even if Belith and Gill-ra were fully talented on attack nodes.

Now, what do you mean by “It happened so sudden”? I mean, after they attack, you have to make a move, so you have to spend time deciding your move. You might have been able to tell that you were in risk of losing the battle. Specially because Belith and Gill-Ra can’t attack 3 times in one turn to take down all your 3 heroes so suddenly.

By sudden I mean there was no signs of this happening before the last turns. The fight went down exactly as one would expect prior to that. At that point I was 100% sure I had won, all I had to do was ghost tiles in the wide middle gap to charge my greens, as I saw no imediate danger from Belith and GillRa as their specials posed virtually no threat in terms of damage. I figured once the greens were charged each Berden, boosted by Brienne could easily take out one of them. All that changed all of a sudden and my heroes started dropping HP at a crazy rate until they all went down during just three turns… I never even realised the danger before the last two turns and even then I thought I was imagining it. But in the last turn, their HP bars were all red and I lost three heroes at the same time, which is not possible to have been caused by slash attacks, as there were only two attackers. So, slash attacks theory doesn’t stand. I’m not playing since yesterday, I have 5k raid wins, I saw lots of fights turned around by impossible odds, but this one did not submit to the rules of the game. Something was definitelly wrong. I’ve read about this kind of things happening before, but I never concerned my self with this. Well, now it happened to me…

I am having the same trouble, recently my alliance is battling a German ghost hunters group. The player evil metall never moved an inch. I threw 2 groups with my troops near 20% with critical strikes near 6-10
His troops were not over 10. How could I only get 1-2 points ?

Nashgar is Barbarian, his talent can cause DOT from slash attack, are you sure one of your last 3 remaining heroes don’t get the bleeding (it last 5 turns)?

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Just entered our current war and faced Racjk… I took Lianna Leonidas, Elena, Alasie and Seshat… every tile… everyone of them reflected 1 damage. Like the heroes I brought never existed. Please look into this!!

Firstly, welcome @BeaverSqueezer to the forum.

Two questions:
1-Who is “Racjk”?
2-Who should look into this? The forum is for players, like you and I.

No, I took Nashgar out early in the fight. Anyway, bleeding only affects one individual. Beside, if a hero is affected by bleeding, he has that blood drops icon. My guys had no active spell on them except for GillRa’s.

I think that was his pet large rodent trying to say Ranvir through a constricted throat.

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