What keeps your Alliance going?

So I wanted to hear from some other alliances, what are your goals/ rules? It’s a new year a lot of new things coming, and several of us in my allaince are feeling bored. Our alliance been around 160+ days but half of us are form another allaince that folded. We are pretty casual but at one point we did want to make the top 100. So what are your rules?

For us
#1 miss 2 titans in a row without letting the leaders know and you out.

Just wanted to hear what some other allainces have in place.


Do you also have outside communication (like Line or Discord apps)? I’m just wondering how chatty you folks are. :wink:


Our alliance has a similar rule to yours, plus an additional one barring jerks…nothing out of the ordinary. What energizes us is we are all there to kill the Titan. We rejoice with those who get the prize and commiserate with those that don’t. We like chatting and fighting, and it makes a good combination. And we have an off-beat sense of humor. Oh, and we kill Titans. (Did I mention how much we kill Titans?) :grin:


We give members 3 missed titans without communication then we let them go.
We also like to try and save our alliance flasks until we absolutely need them.


We have 3 missed titans whit out communication and we are useing Line, but we don’t have it as a must.

2 misses and you’re out is not really what I’d term a ‘casual’ alliance. :wink:

The alliance I run (Aleph Null) is more what I’d consider casual. We allow/encourage newer players and aren’t aggressively pressing for the higher Titans (mostly because I don’t really see them as worth the spend in battle items or hassle for what you get out of them). We have a small cup limit (600) to ensure we at least get players who are on the road to becomming established.

My rules on participation are more relaxed.

  • 5 consecutive Titan misses without notice (or 7 in the last 10) and you are demoted (if Elder), or kicked (if not).
  • 7 days absent without notice = kick (for member) or 14 days (for Elder)
    I look for absence and do not double-count absence as Titan miss. (otherwise it would boil down to 5d absence = kick, obviously :slightly_smiling_face:)

To make Elder requires consistent contribution and maintaining reasonable cup level (near 1000 or above) for 30d.

We don’t run a line group… ours is a less ‘chatty’ alliance (although we do chat)… the in-game chat is sufficient.

Can’t say I could be bothered with the effort involved to try make Top 100 to be honest… not what I’m looking for in the game. Prefer to relax in to it.

P.S.) We were coping with 6* Titans until we lost 2 of our top hitters (1 pretty much left the game, and the other had a hankering for a less ‘casual’ alliance)… now we are comfortable on 5*, but grow as our members mature.

Guess I’d regard mine as one of the necessary ‘feeder’ alliances for the more ‘Leet’ ones… :upside_down_face:


We don’t have a rule like 2 or 3 misses. We do want people to be active, so if they are not active enough, we talk first and kick later. It is very rare for members to miss 2 titans in a row though. We do have a few members that miss one, then hit a few and miss one again and so on, not crazy about that. But since we don’t have any rules set in stone, I try to talk to them and usually they do better for a while.
Most of our alliance is very active though and we kill most 8s, 9s are a bit too big for now, but we will manage those soon I think.
We have very chatty days and quiet days. Next week the event is coming, so the boredom will disappear for a few days. Everyone is excited for something new, so we are looking forward to alliance wars.


I’m in a very competitive alliance, Crystal Palace, currently ranked #7. Strong expectation that each member uses all Titan flags, as we get only 10* titans and, currently, we need close to all-hands to manage those. They’re getting easier as our teams get stronger.

We have a great leader who keeps up morale and whom we trust to make the right calls about membership. An established ally has more leeway than a new member.

We are a very chatty group, both in game and on Line. Being active in chat is something of a substitute for being strong on titans.

While there is no explicit policy about cups, there is a strong expectation that everyone will maintain competitive teams. On chat there’s a fair bit of friendly boasting when someone overtakes some players, giving some extra incentive to keep cups high (which helps the overall alliance score).


At Mercy of Hell and our Training Alliance, Stairway to Hell we have a very simple way to keep track. If you hit a Titan you are promoted from member to elder. If you are in the Top 3 you are promoted to Co-Leader. If you don’t hit a titan you are demoted from Co-leader to elder to member to kick. So anyone who has ever been in top 3 gets 2 misses and others 1 miss before kicking. Any amount of damage/hits is OK, so it really only takes 5 minutes every 23 hours to maintain your position.

If you notify the alliance that you will be out for more than a few titans, the demotes to member apply but there is no kick.

Makes it easy to see hit history on everyone.

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To the OP, I think your question in the text - “what are your goals/rules” is vastly different from the title “What keeps your alliance going”.

For example, at 7dd we have a cup minimum we want for everyone, a titan minimum we’d like to see on 10*s, let people know if you’re going to be away (we are lucky to have a strong enough alliance that missing a player or two for a bit isn’t a big deal when real life strikes), and most importantly: DONT BE AN A********. The last seems more important than the rest. The other stuff (cup mins and titan hits/scores) are somewhat flexible - if someone’s struggling, everyone pitches in with advice and helps them out.

To the 2nd question, what keeps things going is the general culture of camaradarie, banter/trash talking, real life chatting, and not tolerating a********'s. That’s what keeps us going, which is quite different from rules and goals.


All this info its very valuable. Thnks. Our leader hasnt been active on titans.Planning on forming new alliance.

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Your alliance rules and atmosphere sound very nice indeed. No wonder you guys and gals are a top alliance! (love your alliance’s tutorials, by the way! Thank you!)

In our alliance, we have few rules, but those few rules must be followed. They are:

  1. 3 days absence without prior notification: out
  2. Read and follow the team’s instructions about the current titan. The current instructions are in the alliance description.
  3. Notify the alliance if you will be absent until time x (we wait for such late comers before killing the titan, if possible)
  4. … Next rule summarizes into “don’t be an a***” :wink:
  5. Follow the instructions of the leader and the leadership team

We have 3 groups in line:

  1. Education. There, experienced players help and advise. What heroes to level, how to best set up your team … etc etc
  2. Titan. Info about the current titan. There, you can also post if you will be absent until time x.
  3. General chat. Jokes, nonsense, bragging :wink: etc etc

We are considering making line mandatory. After some unpleasantness with people who did not have line (i.e. you cannot communicate one on one)

Some things may sound strict. But those few rules are for the good of the alliance.

I am an elder, by the way. :slight_smile:


I’m in the Northern Bears Alliance led by Max of Titandale & (Lady) Kbear of Titandale. I suppose it was a moniker made up by Max & his GF. They are leader & co-leader. I developed a friendship with the co-leader to extend outside of the game & she promoted me to Elder & I changed my username to Raven of Titandale, there are several of our members that all share in the Titandale name. We have a happy alliance with some of us having better luck than others in scoring 5* heroes than others. Our rules are pretty simple. ATM we ask that you have 800 trophies but we are currently reviewing that to be raised to maybe 1400. Other than that, you don’t have to be active in chatting, but we have not only the Alliance chat, but we have a group chat on the app called Line. We share our lives on LINE & have a good time doing it. Our Recruiter Daniel shares Raiding videos with us & we all talk strategy. Our only other rule is attack Titans!! We understand that real life comes before game life, so if you can’t attack just inform someone, so we can spread the word. If we get nothing from in 3 Titans we try to find out what’s going on & if no response then you’re kicked. Everyone at one time or another has something come up in their personal lives so we are quite flexible. Our leaders consult all members on all decisions within our alliance & what’s going on with members that are not showing up. I hope this serves your purposes. Have a nice day.

My alliance, Ninja Academy keeps it simple… We maintain a “miss list” for the sole purpose of weeding out inactive players. 3x on the list and we kick players that miss a 4th time- unless they let us know they’re dealing with irl issues. We welcome new players often and the elders (myself included) enjoy teaching and answering questions. We also have a closed Facebook group for alliance members as an out of game communication option. Pics are posted and videos of gameplay shared too

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i honestly don’t know what keeps our alliance going. beyond the occasional question from a new player there is very little conversation.
we consistently take out 5* titans (still can’t get 6’s though) we have a lot of “on their way up” players, while we have a core of about 7-10 players that hit hard.
try as i might to encourage chatter, it seems to fall flat. i’ve talked about moving on a couple times, but haven’t bothered to yet. i really should though.
anyone need someone that takes about 130k per titan? (overall, not per hit)

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Odissea is sorta loose but 3 Titans missed n you are out. We have actually developed a strong friendship through LINE. We are a true democratic alliance, everyone has a say on any issue. Nice topic!

@Ruse - I feel my alliance is the same way, all business lately. Not a bad thing as we always kick 6*, mostly 7* unless we get a cold streak on one. Not quite there for 8*. I think it’s a mix of people just being busy and also being stuck in their progression so they don’t play as much, but do know the titan hitting can yield results.

We’ve debated using Line or something, mostly though to get in touch with people who out of the blue go inactive who usually were always hitting. More so because we care to know they are ok having nothing to do with hitting titans.


Now that really sounds annoying. After all, the best thing about an alliance is the camaraderie. To my mind. Who wants to play with a bunch of silent fish?

In your place, I would really change alliances. And find one that is friendly, helpful and chatty.

At 130k damage per titan, they will snap you right up in recruiting chat!

Do talk to the recruiter in line first. What are the rules? What level titan? Etc. And if you feel comfortable, make the change.

There are all kinds of alliances. Do find one that is right for you. It is your time, your life. Why waste it on a bunch of silent fish?

If you scroll up, you will see what my alliance offers. And I would not want it any other way :slight_smile:

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Deathtöngue uses a strikeout rule. Three missed attacks in a row. We do make exceptions when a member lets us know they will be offline due to technical issues (or worse, when relatives come over to visit). We only communicate via the game and not other chat programs.

Our Alliance has a great group of active players and steadily progressing in slaying harder titans. Although we currently have a dread dragon that a few of us strongly dislike…

I am the leader of the Snugglemuffins alliance. We’ve been around for about 120 days. From the very beginning, I wanted to make it clear that we’re a very relaxed group. Instead of being all about hitting the Titan like a religion, I made it chill. Something that drove me away from previous Alliances was how religiously strict they were about hitting the Titans. I understand it’s important to kill it and get the loot, but it’s just a game.
I created Snugglemuffins with the goal of having a place where people could come and enjoy playing the game without worrying about missing a day. We all have a real life to take care of, and that can keep us away for a day.
My rules are simple. Talk to us. If a member doesn’t chat with us ever, they get less privileges. A regular member who chats gets 5 days of inactivity before being kicked. An elder or a member who has been around for a long time gets 7 days of inactivity before being kicked. BUT - those who don’t ever talk only get 3 days of inactivity before being kicked. If someone needs to be away for a few days, all they need to do is let me or my Co-leader know, that way they will be safe for their absence.
The relaxed atmosphere of Snugglemuffins has, I think, kept my members content. :relieved:

Sorry for this being kinda long ^^;;
But this is how I do it, and it works a charm :slight_smile:

~Marika (Frosting), Leader of Snugglemuffins


That also sounds very nice and comfortable.

I myself would get annoyed if people did not hit the titan. But there are different types of persons, with different playing styles. And there is just the right alliance for every taste and playing style.

Happy gaming!