What keeps you playing once things become routine?

(for tl;dr people, the main question is at the very bottom)

Missions, raids, collect, upgrade, train, craft, Titans, events, troops, feed, ascend, level up, alliance wars, wash, rinse, repeat day after day after day.

I have been playing for 7-8 months, have maxed (or reached the highest necessary for me) of every building except a few farms, have grinded missions to death, have been fighting the same half-dozen titan types in over 200 battles, and have trained thousands of troops.

I have 15 unique 4* heroes–5 maxed, 6 that I am holding at 3^, the rest at varying levels–along with another 3 or 4 duplicates just hanging around, not to mention the many I have used to level up other heroes. My only 5* hero (in spite of many 300 gem purchases which every one of them has given me a 3* hero, all of the hero tokens, and running three lvl 20 training for a couple of months now) is not helpful enough to use over the 4* hero I use of that type. I also have four 4* troops of different types which are running 8 to 10 strength yet would be higher if food production was faster.

Basically, I have nearly reached my limit on how powerful my team is ever going to get unless I can get a few good 5* heroes of different types (meanwhile an alliance-mate of mine has 6 of them having played no longer than i have while spending no real money.)

There seems to be no reason to keep playing except that I am the leader of an alliance and alliance wars are now being tested.

Who else has hit this phase in their maxed out game play yet continues to play, and what do you do that keeps you active and interested?

I’m not yet maxed…and I love my alliance. Teaching the game actually has kept me interested for about a year. Beta testing added interest.

And there is the small matter of never having got an HOTM. Will do it!

I’d like to get all four Training Camps to 20 and see how many recruits I can generate daily to track down another 5*. Will I get a Joon? Mariana? Lianna?

And that darn Wu Kong has thus eluded me! Must capture him and see if the Titan damage is as much as reported… :grin:


I was really thinking that once i reach two entirely rainbow 5* teams, then my time is pretty much over.

From yesterday i’m up to 3 :grin:


Honestly…if it wasn’t for making buddies and chatting in alliance, chat rooms and forums I would have quit awhile ago. The game itself is fun but it is the people that make it worth coming back to everyday


No where near where most of you guys are. But as things take longer to research/build/train, etc. Things do become somewhat routine and have felt like it no longer had that initial hook.

But essentially, would like to take things as they are given by the game, leveling up buildings and hope that one of those training camps may one day surprise me with a 4* or 5*, one of those troop summons can actually give me a better troop, etc. If there is more story to become available, great.

All the while not spending real money IRL. Want to where this will take me when I don’t spend $$. I think I will enjoy it more this way and learn to appreciate those good luck moments more than if I were to spend actual money.

If I could, I would give you one of my three Wu Kongs.

Still trying to get a second Bane after I fed all my previous duplicate Banes to my original Bane ( darn you war, darn you ).

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The social aspect of the game is definitely important. Finding a great alliance like Crystal Palace, with chat and Line filled with a pleasant mix of in- and out-of-game chatter, adds a lot.

I’m slowly coming around to the idea that raiding and wars can be fun, too. It was more fun right after 1.10 was released, as we saw some people trying out their Leonides and other unloved heroes. Seems like we’re mostly back to the same old set of raid defense favs (at the 4000+ team level).

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It’s the community for me; I use this game as a social analogue calling it what it is… not the first time I’ve wrapped my arms around an online game, won’t be the last one either.

It also tickles one of my fetishes of figuring out how things work and then optimizing around that: that’s been true from my childhood and still is as an adult.

Are there other things which could provide both, absolutely, but I don’t throw away good things looking for perfection and this game suffices for now.


Crystal Palace SUCKS!!! They stole my last twizzler!!!


j/k… the sucks part, not the war part


I agree with most of the posters above me: I love this game for the people, my alliance, the community.

The only reason that I started playing was the ingame chat. Was looking for this for a long time, ever since I quit another game some time ago.

And … while I am not chatting … there is always something to be done, to be perfected, to enjoy.

Even raids can be great fun, once you get into a bracket where you actually know some of the people that show up on your raid screen, and can have a chat and a laugh about your battles back and forth.

To me, the game is a lot of fun due to the people.


So far what keeps me playing was the alliance. We are not talking to much but have good exchanges on the game and always share knowledge with more recent players. We should still be 15 playing for now 280/300 days (level between 35/45 and power 3400/3700). But we are now falling in a routine that seems to affect most of us.
1/ Ascending items seem to have disappeared. Before January on 8* titan we were getting at least 10 items a week. Now when one guy is getting one it’s incredible. When it takes you about 8 month to get your first 5* heroes and you have anything to ascend a 5* in four colours and you obvisously get a 5* in the last colour you can ask you if the game is playing right or not.
2/ We all have TC20 but seems that SG is rewarding only 5* in colours we already have and same heroes. From my two TC20 in 3 months I got 5 5*, two red (Marjana and Elena) and yellow (twice Justice!!) and Obokan. Apart of obokan others are useles (it can be discussed for marjana) but I already have Natalia and another Elena. On yellow side already have Vivica and owl guard. That’s disappointing to have 4 5* in two colours and nothing in others. Waiting more than one month to get a duplicated 5* heros su…s. And I’m not alone in that case. my brother got its second leonidas (7 5* in total, 5 yellow 5*)
3/ Farming rewards too many food/iron but not enough resources for weapons. I have now to fight 8/9* titans without axes and arrows since I can’t get enought resources.
4/ Alliance War does not reward anything. It take a lot of time for nothing. SG dfoes not provide a leaderboard for alliance war. That’s ridiculous.

We have lost recently two players that starts 300 days ago in the alliance for some/all of the reasons mentioned above. And I’m affraid it’s only a beginning, other members are complaining in the chat and daily we have 2/3 people that don’t attack anymore titans, not always the sames but daily. So far I have not been able to replace the two friends that left. It seems that it’s quite hard to recruit people having 3400 power team and I’m quite sure that if we can´t recruit failing again and again on 9* titan will demotivate more people.

One thing is clear for me. I won’t spend more money in the game apart they improve it soon and bring back the fun.

This wasn’t supposed to be another complaint thread. You’re supposed to tell us why you’re still here even though it can be a grind at times. But … my condolences on all of your bad luck. I don’t see the game the same way you do.

As for me. I’m here because I’m drawn to these types of games (usually not on the phone though). I love being a part of the community, learning and overcoming the game challenges, the captivating characters, and having many ways for me to play the game.


I mention why I’m still playing, the alliance, I’m still having fun in the exchange with my friends. But there are some negative aspect of the game that affect my routine. Sorry for sharing that.


I think the point of the thread is that since there are currently 325,910 threads of negativity in here, he just wanted 1 thread witho jly positive thiughts


You got FIVE 5* in a month?! Can I sit next to you please? Maybe your luck will float my way… :wink:


be number one!!!

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First and foremost, the alliance, we are friendly and helpful and have fun.
Second, I am stubborn, and despite all that annoys me in this game I will max my heroes, provided I have that many years left to me :slight_smile:


Thank you for pointing this out.

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Full disclosure: I did quit before. It lasted a few weeks and during that time I got a few messages from friends on line asking how I’ve been, saying they missed me, etc. It was actually @Rustymuffler who brought me back :slight_smile:

I go in spurts, wanting to play competitively and casually, the time spent in game varies day to day. The new content absolutely peaked my interest again, I like that the game is still growing. It doesn’t seem as stagnant to me as that, more like I’m just gearing up to really kick Zero’s butt in alliance wars :smiley:


My alliance, primarily

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