What item do you have the most of in your inventory?

I had almost as many rugged clothes and manuals but now that I have TC19 unlocked they are being used up.



I have 7765 Training Manuals, but 15,200 Common Herbs.

It’s going to be common herbs for everyone! I have about 12k of them. Next closest is training manuals at about 5k.

Common herbs here too :wink:

I guess those herbs are really quite common


Gems… By far…


5339 training manuals.

I would love to have so many herbs. Guess I use too many healing potions!

For ascension materials, I have 9,666 Training Manuals. For crafting materials, I have 2,866 String. Can’t wait for that alchemy store they promised…!

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I only have 1400 common herbs, but over 20k small healing pots! :rofl:

Can’t stand for food to go to waste.

17642 common herbs, guess i should make whatever they are used in.

9k herbs. Of the more interesting items, it’s been orbs since day one. I get a ton of orbs but yellow heroes kinda suck so they just stockpile. I even leveled multiple chao just because I might as well. I have 24 orbs right now and no plan to use any of them soon.