What is your weakest color?

Just curious, what is your weakest color?

For me, it is holy/yellow. In every other color, I have a good variety of heroes to choose from. But for yellow, currently I only have (maxed):
Vivica, Gretel, Li Xiu, Wu Kong

I also have Danza at 3/60 and Hu Tao completely unleveled.

As you can see, I seriously lack a yellow sniper. I am so desperate for a deeper yellow bench that if I do not pull better heroes in the next week or two, I will have to work on Danza and Hu Tao; and I honestly don’t like either.

What color do you have trouble with?


Mine is dollar color :smile:


Green and yellow. The greens are so squishy and the yellows…yeah Gretel is great, but she doesn’t work well with the mana cutters Li Xiu and Chao, so she has to go with Drake Fong (I like him) or in 4* with Hu Tao, Hu’s too slow. I have Vivica and Joon, Leonidas and Ranvir, but not maxed…


Strangely, my purple stack seems to turf-out the most often. I suspect its because I bring it against Guin, who’s simply the hardest to face in the game. Another factor is that my purple healer is slow (Kunchen) rather than average or faster (Delilah, Ariel, Grazul). In many failed raids, I suspect Rigard would do better than Kunchen.

My purples: Kunchen, Hel, Sartana, Serhat, Panther

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Cause from all others I have got the “def downers”. Falcon, Jackal, Frida and Evelyn. And they are all my favorites, especially against titans of course.

So, for me Blue and Green. No Frida/Arthur and no Evelyn.

YELLOW!!! Most definitely yellow… No holly 5* in 1.5 years… Of course, yellow has the best troops by far… I have a lvl 19 crit and a lvl 9 mana and enough feeders to level them both further for one or two levels. Just no worthy heroes to asign the troops to… My best yellows are 2x Chao, Li Xiu, Danzaburo and Hu Tao… they’re maxed and one Chao is +19, but they’re highly uneffective as a team, they pack no punch… That’s why I go full red on purple tanks…


Red for me. Most of my best reds are 4*, but almost all of my 5* are either (a) slow Mana like Khagan or (b) Anzogh.

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Purple, since it’s the only color where I don’t have an elemental debuffer. I also lack a defense down hero beyond Tiburtus, so I’m forced to either accept his subpar tile damage or try to rely on harpoons and timing. But it is improving now that I have Costumed Rigard to buff and cleanse (which also makes it easier to bring other things like harpoons as I can more easily skip a banner and / or antidotes).


Yellow, by far. Mostly because the yellow 4 stars are such an underwhelming group. But this is also shaped by the tanks we see. Red probably is losing ground - I’ve been neglecting them since we have never seen green tanks. And green was weak for a while, but I’ve been pouring resources into my green bench since we often see blue tanks.


In a single raid it’s probably blue. I’m still reliant on two heavily emblemed four stars, whereas all other elements have 2-3 almost always viable five star options.

There are too many tournament configurations for me to figure out, but the answer would almost certainly be yellow, as I’m pretty sure they hold the fewest emblems of any of my elements.


I’m playing mono and I don’t have yellow healer so my holy team is always risky.


That is interesting, because the purple heroes you have are some of the overall best in the game.


Must be a funny feeling that your yellow bench is so weak, that you go mono red on purple tanks :rofl:

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I agree. that is the problem I have. I have to bring both Li Xiu and Gretel to a fight and they DO NOT work well with each other



Natalya x2 Anzogh Elena and the 4*.

I use my BT +20 the most out of all of them.

Wilbur x2 but he only comes out occasionally.

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Definitely purple… so few choices I went with sartana #2. Sad face.

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Overall, I’d say red. I only have one 5* red hero maxed (Marjana). But in 4* it’s my strongest.

A close second (and probably my worst for titans) is yellow because the 4* yellow backups are so meh. I have two maxed 5* in yellow.

Weakest colour:

For me it is definitely Red/Fire that is my weakest and it really shouldn’t be.

I’ve got 9 different Red 5* heroes sat at 3/70 and the rings to ascend 3 of them and pretty much each time I’ve made a decision I’m going to level x Red 5* after the current levelling project I’ve totally changed my mind/become indecisive by the time I finish that levelling project.

I don’t have this issue in any other colour, I know exactly which order I want to level what I have but with reds and a personal predisposition towards Titan heroes first the stark difference in the red roster between the high tile damage, slow AoE heroes and lower tile damage, faster heroes proves is the dilemma for me. Doesn’t help that with so many AoE heroes there isn’t a red heal blocker to reduce the amount a healer can undo your special damage…

Given the lack of green tanks at the moment and that my 4* reds aren’t too shabby especially combined with the 2 5* reds I have managed to force myself to power that I’ve not really had much need to address my paralysis with the other fire heroes but I suspect by the time Telluria lands I’ll have to have done something by then - though hoping landing a Jean-Francois or possibly a GM (if Hero Academy ever materialises) might make the first decision much easier that the others then fall into place…

Strongest colour:

I think my Nature roster just about edges out the Darks but it is a close run thing…


Same. Mine is also Yellow! No yellow healer and I don’t even have Li Xiu, the only classic 4* I’m missing. And this is rough because purple seems to be so popular with tanks.

You have better selection of heroes… hahaha

My weakest color is also Yellow… like seriously weak!
I only have Li Xiu and Wu Kong maxed (not emblemed though).

My other unleveled heroes are:
Leonidas, Chao, Danzaburo and Hu Tao.

I have a lot of ascension materials though. Around 40 Magic Orb and 7 Darts.
But my play style is I never ascend any 5* unless I have enough to ascend two (just in case). Been doing things like this since I started playing. So I still haven’t touch Leonidas.

As for the rest of 4* like Chao, Hu Tao and Danzaburo… I just decided they are very lacking thus I will not waste my Orb even though there’s plenty of them right now lol…

But as a result… my Titan score is being affected by this decision.

In RED and GREEN Titans I always came up #1 with damage done per round about 35,000 all the way to 90,000 (level 7 to 8 Titans). This is because my strongest colors are BLUE and RED.

But whenever purple titans comes around, I’d be lucky to do 15,000 damage per round lol.

Yellow! Max Chao x 2, Max Hu Tao, and I’m leveling Gretel, with one unleveled. I finally leveled Hu Tao due to no other options.

My Green is also weak. After 7 months of playing I had only two epic green heroes (Little John and Gaderius) until this month I acquired Caedmon, Buddy, Melendor, and Kashhrek who are all new to me. I just need to level them.


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