What is your most number of turn/tiebreaker raid ? (just a competition for fun)

What is your most number of turn raid ?

  • You don’t have to be the record holder or beat anyone. Feel free to post your longest/most number of queue in your base.
  • Only raid, raid tournament or friendly-battle since there is no turn counter and tiebreaker in war. So, war attack isn’t counted.

I will keep this area in the main post for the record holder.

The current record holder is @Kilted at 64 turns.


My most number of turn raid is about 50 but I didn’t take the picture.

But I found this one from @TheBudMan69 Youtube channel. At 18:45 - 27:30

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I think I have made it to 37 turns? 230% damage if that helps. :slightly_smiling_face:

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New one for you. Sitting at 64 turns vs a remaining lindenbrock.

Could possibly have continued it for longer but was getting close to an unwanted cascade.

+50 trophies for me

4900tp defence against so not a cherry picked option to try

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