What is your LB strategy?

I have a number of fully maxed 5-star war teams in all colors. I usually play a 4-1 war team with an off-color healer. I started with limit breaking my hitters and have a couple on each team already. I was wondering if my next round of limit beaks should be

* Healers or
* “Support” heros (Freya, Krampus, Inari, etc.) or 
* Hitters

Any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated. What is your strategy?

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Like most people, I started with my top defense 5* heroes for war. Then I moved to a couple hitters in each color and the hit-3 elemental defense down heroes. Now I’m fleshing out heroes I use most often (daily raids, autofarming). Also working on 3* and 4* heroes for tournaments and challenge events.

For the record, I currently have 30 LB 5* heroes, 17 LB 4* heroes, and 32 LB 3* heroes.


To be honest I LB heroes that to me will have a little bit of longevity in the game
So for the 5* heroes the likes of Frigg, Elizabeth, Krampus, Costume Magni, Costume Marjana, Costume Kadilen, Costume Leonidas etc
With regards to the big healers - personally I think their stats are pretty beefy already so I haven’t bothered putting LBs on the like of Heimdall or Passepartout etc.
And from my Beta experience with “hitters” I think what is strong today will just be ok tomorrow- so I don’t really bother with the LBs because I don’t want to waste them ……
Don’t forget to LB your tactical 4* and 3* heroes


I have few 5* s, so recently I decided to focus on LBing my 4* s so they can help me complete challenge events etc.

Defense Down Heroes, those with Costumes, especially Dispellers/Cleansers, and Healers are getting the LB priority for me. :slight_smile:

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Longevity captures the combo of skill, uniqueness, and how often you use them.

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Is this what most people did? I know some people did but is it really most?

Primary defense > titans > wars > tournaments > events

This is what i try to follow.

I tried to identify what were my most important heroes in key areas of the game (Titans, Wars, Events, Tournaments) and came up with this order:

1- Main 4* healer for each color.
2- Important 4* support heroes (like Proteus).
3- Elemental def down.
4- War defense.
5- 4* and 3* for Raid tournaments (pretty much all the emblemed ones).
6- Strong hitters that I know I will use for a long time.

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I have LB’d key 4* and my favourite 5* - it’s a game so I wanted to have fun with it. I tend to focus on older heroes to bring them more up to scratch and give them a better chance to survive, so remain useable, rather than boost the already up-to-date. The exception has been Toxi who I did accidentally, but actually have enjoyed as I was able to reallocate her emblems elsewhere temporarily - therefore increasing my depth. It’s something I consider now if I have a new favourite but an old one could do with emblems.

Most opponents I face. :slight_smile:

It was the same drill when emblems were released. Defenses were all +20 and people complained that their unemblemed offenses weren’t as effective. Only I think emblems caused a larger gap, as it introduced talents which were new. At least LBs don’t add anything except increased stats.

Maybe it’s the “way” you said it. My war defense is majority limit broken. But I didn’t limit break them because they’re my best defenders. I did it because they’re my best heroes.
So I hope folks didn’t limit break someone just because they’re on your defense. But I would expect many of the top heroes end up on defense.

I LBed only 4* and an occasional 3*. My 5* are okay as they are and I don’t think 5k defence will change anything with how I play this game. So, for example, I LBed Hansel and Gretel because they’re great support heroes (Li Xiu too), c. Sabina also to name a few. My general idea is to have roster that’s equally strong. Having a couple of overpowered heroes compared to the rest of your roster not being nearly as strong is silly to me.
Only 5* I am gonna limit break is Inari when I get enough 3* aethers.

Pretty much this. I didn’t broke any legendary yet if that counts… I’ll work on rares and epics until I have a good collection for every tournament type and events. I don’t care much about legendaries because I can beat them in wars using my unbroken heroes + my key limit broken epics.

In 5* tournaments the boards will decide everything and even if I break mine for that, next month there will be 20 new OP heroes to battle there so there’s no point IMO.

I’ve been pretty happy with that decision. Many 1% on tournaments were obtained plus better places in events with less effort/item wasting. Please consider I’m not a competitive player.

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