What is your largest different teampower battle that you win ? (just a competition for fun)

It is interesting to see low teampower team beat high teampower defense. It isn’t easy and need good tactic. So, I create a competition (just a competition for fun).

  • You don’t have to be the record holder or beat anyone. Feel free to post your largest different teampower battle that you win.
  • The battle can be raid, raid tournament (any mode), war (any mode) or friendly battle.
  • The defense team can be anything in any formation.
  • Because it can be cheated, to make legitimate record, you have to capture picture or record a video or both.
    • If you record a video, the video have to show your teampower, defense team’s teampower and your fight.
    • If you capture picture, you have to capture your teampower and defense team’s teampower and capture enough picture to show that you really win the battle (at least 4 picture in different turn).

I will keep this area in the main post for the record holder.

The current record holder is @Homaclese (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZPZxNZGs7lNP7Nc7NeJffg/videos) at 2948 power different.

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This is my “biggest” achievement: :sweat_smile:

It was more a matter of luck.


Bunch of similar posts already shared here (you just need to sift for them) :

It will take me a day to sift all 1700 post. I do find a interesting battle

622 power different but still not close to Silencio’s

Maybe, I will find more.

My best


Still not as good as silencio though

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Idk why video is in so bad quality but there is 2147 TP difference, I will add some screenshots if you don’t want to watch :poop: video


That’s nice, @Radar1.


I think I saw some known Youtubers also battling fully emblemed defenses using only a few heroes on attack the same way what @Radar1 did. They did use the S3 red wolverine hero

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This one here is 2480, anyone know the forum account of this person?:

I don’t know the difference in this one, could be larger @JekylandHyde:


This was a friendly battle 2544 team of unemblemed mono Green 3* vs 4756

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From my observation, I think 5* in the second video is 3/70 or lower not 4/80. You can see that tile damage hit those 5* as hard as (or little bit harder) 4* in the first video. So, the different might not be larger. I agree it is great battle but since it isn’t show the difference of teampower, I can’t count it as legitimate record.

LOL. @JekylandHyde would love to provide that info.

My largest TP difference has been 2,230.


I also found this video. Battle at 3:39 has largest different teampower at 2233 by Error4T. @JekylandHyde Does Error4T have the forum account ?

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Sure thing. His account is @ERROR4

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Since I am tagged, might as well post another high tp difference video :slight_smile:


I found new record by “A G” at 2948 power different. Does anyone know if he has account in this forum ?

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A G is the youtube channel name I guess…

User in question is @Homaclese :slight_smile:


The leader might actually be @JekylandHyde with this 1 v 5 effort:

I don’t know for sure as we can’t see the TP, and there is one 4* on the defense and impossible to tell how many emblems there are on any of the defense heroes, but given it is a 1 v 5 scenario I would imagine the TP difference to be greater. Either way an impressive effort using probably the only hero that is capable of this (although a hero that is forever benched for me, not my playstyle).

No, 5* are 3/70 and 4* is 4/70 or less. You can simply see that tile damage is very high. If 5* is at 4/80, the damage will not as high as that. And at 1:20, you can see that even with +100% attack buff, the slash are less than 100.

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