What is your Goal in this game?

Just wondering what does anyone try to achieve, I personally want to see 4 Training Camps at lvl 20 producing with chance of legendary and build up my dream team, but will take a while.

I just love the excitement whenever I draw a hero with chances of epic/legendary.

Also I’m trying to do my best and do the most damage possible at Titan battles.

What is yours? :slight_smile:


Well, till last tuesday it was completing stage 1, but at this time, I thought there will be a stage 2.
Sadly there isn’t more storyline and no more provinces, so my new goal is to reach max level (20) and get a hero team for each titan (color).


Building a good team that can firmly be on top 100 and be a really good titan hunter :slight_smile: (need some works on both)


What I SAY my goal is: Get to lvl 20 Training Camp and try for a 5*

What I ACT like my goal is: Keep Misfit Toys fully staffed and kill the Titan daily

What my goal REALLY is: Interact with many players and help them play the game and not get discouraged.

The last one is what most energizes me as a player. The other two goals are there, and I do work on them, but my actions show where my heart truly is.


My goal is to keep having fun with the game and letting it be a diversion from my very busy work life


All buildings level 20 :grin:

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Apparently to spend all my hard earned money… :blush:


For now… just to get my current team of 4* heros maxed. (Just managed to ascend my Sonya… woohoo - now have 2 on final ascend, and just 3 to go (or 4 counting my spare green 4*).

I don’t have any great aspirations to build a 5* team as it will take too long and I’m not prepared to spend the real world money to do so. Any that may come along is just a bonus.

Once I have my maxed 4* team I’ll see where that takes me on the raid ladder, until the frustration gets to me (which won’t take long), and I guess at that point there won’t be much left, so will probably move on. (Guess I’ll finish the map at some point).

Not really into the higher level Titan fights - the reward isn’t worth the input - tend to need to chew through battle items to score competitively. May be more worthwhile with a stronger team, so may dip in again if all fully maxed.

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I had a crapton of different personal goals throughout the game haha.

An overview of goals achieved:

For raids:

  • Get into top 100
  • Get into top 10
  • Stay in top 100 overnight

For map:

  • Finish map

For quests:

  • complete rare quests without using any items

For titans:

  • total damage of 25k/50k/75k/100k/200k/300k
  • Single hit of 10k/15k/25k/50k/75k/100k
  • One-shot a 1*

Currently searching for goals to still set myself, don’t really have a need to max all buildings (am working on all camps to 20). I guess one of the things left to achieve is a team of full 5*s (and max them). In the meantime I try and get into the top 3 of titan fights on a daily goal basis :slight_smile:

Hope this thread becomes lively again and that I can get some inspiration :smiley:

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Continue to increase my Titan damage and 3x tc20 (I’m 3 days from completing legendary research and already leveling my 2nd to 20, so that will be crossed off the list soon… The 4th I leave at a low level to churn out 1 and 2*) . That’s it. Only still playing because my alliance is fun.