What is your favorite E&P hero?

What hero do you fight with that just gives you utter satisfaction? Mine is Bane. He is tough, his troops deal damage, and his harmonic slam is a force to be reckoned with.


Mine is Delilah. Healing and minions are so useful in many occasions.


Azlar. He was the first hero on my wish list that showed up. He is powerful & does damage to everyone. ROAR!!! :lion:


Kunchen…so so sturdy! I can’t count how many battles I won with him, standing alone on the battlefield against 2 or 3 enemies! Nevertheless…great healer and cleanser! He’s my tanky beast!!! Guin?! Guin who?! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Design wise I like Red Hood, Alice, Hansel, Gretel… mostly the fairy tale derived ones.

I like most of the Teltoc ones as well, the mesoamerican inspiration is a nice touch in this game.


I’ll always have a soft spot for Scarlett since she was my first 4* hero, but my favorite is Grimm. I bring him along on almost every team and whenever I don’t I have trouble with that raid/war/level. I feel he completely flips the board for me with his defense down debuff (I also have Tiburtus, but it doesn’t seem as effective).


Hansel, lays the smackdown with spiffy hair to boot!


Aife is my all time fav, since you are what you eat.

Can’t count how often she was the kick over to the next level.

Ulmer (cool design)

Proteus (hero of the game imo)

Mother North (best special ever)

Richard and Elena have to be mentioned for being the spirit of the game.


I kinda have a soft spot for Gormek. Cool design, especially his weapon. What puts him over the top for me is the moniker “Gormek the Hungry”. He and I are kindred spirits!

None of that has to do with your follow up question, though, which was “What hero do you fight with that just gives you utter satisfaction?” This has changed for me over time as I played the game.

  • First, it was Bane, because obviously, he’s your best hero for a long time when you start out.
  • Then, it was Kelile, who was my first 4-star. She took over for Bane in the “if I need it to die, I hit it with this hero’s special” department.
  • Kelile gave way to Danzaburo, since I had waited for a four-star yellow forever, and then I was like “This thing is gonna replace Bane?” But I grew to love him, and my girls and my alliance-mate nephew began to think I was obsessed with “the badger”. Was very satisfying when he threw swords against a weak wave of opponents on a farming level. Feels like Thanos doing the snap. Plus, he is apparently not a badger, but the Supreme Commander of the Tanooki! (SMB3 fan.)
  • Until recently, it was Onatel, for several reasons. She was my first five star, a HotM (which I never thought I’d get as F2P), and her mana control opened up parts of the game that I would never have been able to conquer before. Plus, her special animation is pretty sweet.
  • As of the last couple of weeks, though, I’m growing fond of Poseidon. He’s just at the door of 3^70, and I’ll have the darts to take him to final ascension after Shiloh later this week. (My first legendary at final ascension!) Fast mana, and my first really effective sniper since Kelile. Equally cool special animation as Onatel (OK, Onatel’s is probably still cooler.) And in the last couple of days, thanks to this thread, I’ve been playing Tom Petty’s “It’s Good to be King” in my head every time I deep-six a raid opponent with the Trident of Doom.

Yeah, I’m bad at picking just one. And my brain thinks about weird things.


Mother North is my most effective hero - I don’t think I’ve fought a (non war and non tournament) raid or map without her basically since getting her. When she fires I am relieved and / or elated.

I think the one whose special I enjoy the most is Frida. LITERALLY PUT THEM IN AN ICEBERG YA BIG POLAR BEAR.


I stick with Mother North like @IvyTheTerrible. She is 100% on defense, atack raids, maps, quests. Etc. She enters all Atack. Even in auto mode. Edit:But The one I was super excited when got it was rumplestilskin. Love to play with him.im still reluctant to pass him over to 4th. He is still at 3-70 since I’d get him. Hoping for magni and Isarnia. Got 12 scopes.

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3*: Valen, or Rudolph, they are fast snipers and for a 3* they pack quite a punch
4*: Proteus and Rigard, both of them saved my butt thousands of times
5*: Vivica, she was my only 5* healer for so long. But i recently pulled Ariel and Inari so i will maybe have a new favourite.
Honourable mention: Atomos, his animation is my favourite in the game and thats why it hurts so bad that he sucks


I’d have to pick one hero in each star cuz I still use all of these:

1star: Aife… Nah jk, everybody knows Sharan is the best :stuck_out_tongue:

2star: Layla, she’s too dam cute. I’m kinda dissapointed she’s not a 5 star, I like her art a lot… Sha Ji, the lil panda healer is good too, much much better than cartoon panda Gan Ju.

3star: Balthazar, his lightning attack always scared the ■■■■ out of me so I emblemed one to the max.

4star: Grimm and Colen, both are great at what they do, kicking other heroes asses.

5star: Kunchen, my first legendary. He’s a ■■■■■■■ bunker, he helped me finish Atlantis in record time. One of the best tanks of the game (the best purple tank imo).



My second 4* ever, and he carried the game for me. Would not have made it this far without him (going far in challenge events, and getting through much of Season 2). After him it was about a month before I got my next 4* through summons, and 2 months more before I got my first 4* from TC 13.

Honorable mention to Gormek, my first 4*, who also got me far… but I just couldn’t pass the underwater Season 2 stages with just him (Reds’ attack is reduced), an Aegir at 2nd ascension (and before his recent buff) and a bunch of 3*s.

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While I have better heroes my favorite is Gretel. I use her all the time and it brings me joy. Watching the enemy get ready to fire the bam mana drops makes me smile. I only wish I had Hansel to pair with her.


Welllll…I NEVER thought I’d say this as a Christian woman, but I prefer Hel :rofl::joy::innocent:
It was Delilah, but I recently drew Hel and she’s been a game chamber for me…even at 3/70.



Khiona is my favorite hero hands down. She pairs with Wilbur and Agier amazingly. I get her and neighbors up to the max +144% attack all the time. I pair her with Anzogh/Wilbur, and Anzogh can pretty much wipe a team clean while healing all of your team.


uuu that’s a tough fight. 1 week ago I would have said Wilbur, and even more since he got monk emblems, but then Hel arrived and started to level up her ASAP. Can’t believe how useful is mana control, but those 2 make a great pair and with Li Xiu…some enemies cry because they never fire their specials.

Honorable mention to Cyprian, who gave me victory in many Atlantis stages against those dangerous AOE hitters like Gashadokuro or Kirin.

Man…how hard is to choose just one!


North. I worked the hardest (spent the most$) to get her and she’s the biggest difference maker on raids for me.

I did close to 300 pulls over Xmas and had quit 2 or 3 times and then tried ‘just one more 10x’… and I’d given up.

With a day or so left, I got enough gems for two single pulls - and she was the second pull.

My green mono team is 10-20 percent more successful than my other mono stacks and they’re all at 75 percent or higher - my greens have to be mid 90s, because even when you’re losing, with North, you’re probably not losing. It’s like bringing 7-9 heroes to the fight.

She’s why I target her and Alby 2nd after the tank in every fight they appear on the enemy team - even when there are double gavy’s On the board.

4* is Rigard. Boring but steady and he makes my purple mono team possible.

3* it’s Rudolph. I have 4.Fast, Minion and mana control = awesome.


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