What is your attack team against Guin?

If you go against Guin, what is your best team to use?

I use Victor, Aeron, Delilah, Seshat, and Poseidon. Seshat is immune to her plus a purple sniper. Poseidon protects everyone from her Mana drain plus is a sniper against the 1-2 purples present. Aeron adds another potential block to Guin plus some additional purple tile damage. Victor with an 11+ Mana troop often puts her down before she even gets her first special off. Delilah is the fastest instant heal 5*, especially with a 23+ Mana troop.

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I go with Rigard - Tibs - Hel. The other 2 depend on the flanks. Rigard is emblemed, so his mana shield has a good chance to activate, and as Queen is not Cleric/Monk, she can do nothing against mana freeze.


Kunchen, Hel, Seshat, Gravy and someone else depending on flank.


I use my regular raid team, Hel, Rigard, Marjana, Gormek, Wu Kong, she can be problematic but usually we beat her bad! It all depends on what help she has or if we have tons of bad tiles

3-1-1 usually, so Sartana-Rigard+17-Quintus-Ares-Lianna (not in that order)

Might try mono eventually by adding Ameonna + Merlin.

Staples are Kunchen, Hel, Seshat and Proteus. If there’s a problematic green somewhere (Alby, MN, Lianna) I add GM. If it looks like there’ll be need for lots of dispelling even after Guin is gone, or if Guin is +8-9, I go purple mono and bring Sabina. If Hel is flank, Poseidon. Etc.

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Rigard+14 Sartana Khiona+7 Thoth Proteus+14

Mono is risky but usually a three tile match and she’s history. Much prefer her to Kunchen


Tarlak - Hel - Khiona - Sartana - Evelyn.

I use that same lineup for just about any opponent because I’m too lazy to change it up and it usually works out for me. :sweat_smile:

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Kiril - Grimm- Sartana - Proteus- Sabina or
BT - Tiburtus - GVM- Proteus - Sabina

Sabina is +19, delay procs are nice.

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Joon, Khiona, Sartana or Proteus, Wilbur, Sabina

Met Dr. Pestilenz of Ritual…

Guin popped off from 4 tiles.

Seshat, Sartana and Proteus plus Ariel and someone else depending on the rest of the team.

Same for all Guinis. Greg-Hell-Kunchen-Magni-QoH

9 out of 10 are dead, one survives because of extremely bad board. :smile:

For Purples, I only have maxed Proteus, Sabina, and Seshat (well, 4/23 now but on her way), and a 3/70 Aeron.

I usually do a 3/2 stack: Proteus + Sabina + Seshat for the great tile damage and useful skills (mana control + dispel + dispel), and the last two depend on the flanks. Kiril + Lepus is a favorite.

Now that I think of it, I might try a 4/1 stack: swap Kiril out for Aeron… though I like the lower risk of a 3/2.

Here’s another one…

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I almost always use 3:2 against tank, so no risky mono-dark, just Ariel, Hel, Athena, Khiona, Sartana, assuming that there is also Gravemaker somewhere… And Seshat will replace Sartana, when maxed.
Depending on flanks, I may use also something slightly different, like GM, Hel, Khiona, GM, Kunchen…

Onatel’s mana punisment+any mana burner is win against average speed troublemakers like Guinevere/Delilah/Aegir/etc

If I use mono, this is the team I use. But mostly I play 3-2, in that case I just use the first three along with 2 other heroes of same colour depending on the flanks. :slight_smile:

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Tiburtus Hel Kageburado Sabina and Ariel.

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