What is your all-around team?

What is your team that you use for autoplaying S1 maps, most of the adventures and S2 maps (at least up to 9-10), and also for S3 progress? Just one team for all of those. My team for that is Kunchen, Boldtusk, Magni, Evelyn and Onatel, in that order and without costumes on, and has been the same for ages. I have tried to optimize the survivability with buffs and debuffs while maintaining the rainbow for S2 autoplay and S3 progress.

I’m using my def team for auto farming, sometimes I’m just adding 1 more healer

Sartana, Skadi, Telluria, GM, Joon for my auto play. Will swap in a healer of like color as needed. Usually CRigard or CKiril.

For auto farming I use only attack-all heroes for not making AI to think too much.
cRigard+20, Isarnia+17, Azlar+6 (or Elena+10), Neith+6, Kadilen+29

For harder levels I build teams individually.

Similar strategy, except I normally farm levels that don’t need a healer, so I use cTiburtus instead of cRigard. (Vela, Elena, Li Xiu, Kadilen)

I did just get Gillinbursti last Valhalla so I am considering using him on the hard levels for the health boost

Atomos, Vela, Santa, Seshat & Delilah is the team that I use for auto play on all seasons. Eventually, I will sub out Santa for Garnett

I use as many AoE hitters as I can to auto-play levels. Currently, my team is: Li Xiu, Zeline, Zimkitha, Tiburtus-C, Frida. I don’t have an all- hitter in blue.

My farm team for nearly all levels:

Zim - cleanse, attack boost
Delilah - heal, minions
Athena - defense down
Hel - mana block
Zipline - debuff, attack down

Use fast AoE + minion thrower

Mireweave+15, zeline, odin, freya, lady loki

If I am clearing PvE stages and don’t feel like swapping heroes in and out, I use:

Ariel, Lianna, Joon, Marjana and Jabberwock.

My rainbow map team is:

Vivica / Kadilen / C.Elena / Isarnia / C.Rigard

With it I am making my way through S3 normal and hard.

One of these days I’ll actually go back and finish S2 :rofl:

My standard team is: Zeline, Thorne, Drake, Gefjon and Seshat.

Farming team is BT, Vela, Telluria, Li Xiu, c Tibertus. All hit all so the AI stupidity is minimized.

Vela - Frigg - Mitsuko - Gullinbursti - Freya

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Easier levels: Gazelle-Santa-Telluria-Vela-Clarissa - minions kill off mobs that the tiles don’t hit

Harder levels: Gazelle-Heimdall-Santa-Vela-Alfrike - usually come to boss levels with 2x HP. That combined with Santa/Vela’s attack down and Alfrike’s special helps cope with bosses specials.

Telluria, Neith, Mitsuko, Vela, Domitia…

I wish i had a 5 star healer! :slight_smile:

Someone like Telluria, you mean?

She is not a healer… far from it… just too weak after the nerfs…

Back to topic…

All wishing algorithm stories take your wish literally! :slight_smile:

Back to the topic, I use my 4* healers way more than my 5* healer. Most of the time it’s more important for my Average Rigard (et al) to fire faster than get the defense boost from my Slow Vivica. Slap a costume (even if you don’t use it, you still get the 5/5/10% bonus for training it!) and some emblems on Rigard, and he’s basically a 5* (albeit S1) healer. I costumed and emblemed all of Rigard, Boldtusk, Melendor, and Kiril (and trained a second Rigard costume) for exactly this reason.

My other 5* healers (besides Vivica) are Zulag, Red Hood, and Anzogh, each of whom has significant drawbacks to trying to use them as the primary healer. They’re fine heroes! I still use a 4* healer in most raids and war lineups.

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