What is your 4* autofarming team for season 2-15-9?

I have been test driving what 4* team can be comfortably auto farming 2-15-9. Any suggestion of a team with only 4* hero?
Thank you so much!

Best is using healers.
Here is similar case, it’s called wu kong gank squad…


Thank you for the information.
I did everything the same which is with
Mel, boldtusk, Wu, Rigard, But I switch Kiril to Sonya because of the counterattacks (trying to debuff that), But it was only 50% of time successful.

I will have Kiril fully leveled in a week. I will try that combination.


I’d be curious to hear if anyone has a team that can autofarm this stage, because while I have a team that can easily do it if I pilot it, not so much when the AI is left to its own devices.

When the AI does its thing, I find it fails like 25% of the time or so. They do good until they get to the crane/gasha, then it’s up to RNG whether they can win or not.

I go 3-2 Panther-Ares (+7)-Kelile (+18)-Rigard (+19) as the core with the fifth being like Wilbur (+18) or Merlin (+18). Like I said, wins most of the time but not always.

Well I tried 2:15-9 hard with this:

And got this:

Hm. Maybe WuKong instead of Ranvir… Or maybe not play on hard…

I was using Mel, Wilbur, Proteus, Drake, & Magni. Both Drake and Magni were 3/70; not quite a 4* team but close.

The key to get over that 25% loss rate is selecting mobs even while on auto farm. Somewhat of a human assisted AI :grin:. Doing this while watching TV or something i’d usually space out after the first few stages but find the level completed largely because my heroes had gotten to the boss stage with generally full or high health. I do keep rez scrolls in my battle items just in case though


I currently don’t have any leveled 5*, with your team and heavily emblemed and still only 75% wining the level with only AI control. I think my team will have no luck.

I just want to prepare for the Atlantis when I am out of loots ticket and needed to just auto play that level to farm…

Sorry English is my second Language.

What do you mean by selecting mob? Like what battle item to bring ?

I think he means he still touches a particular hero to “target” it during the auto play. He is “assisting” the AI in that case.

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Lol. I see. To be honest during Atlantis rises, there was couple moments I was so burn out over play same level over and over again. Just wish I can auto pilot that and sorta take a break without the loots tickets.

Yes - that is what I was trying to say

If you just want to start the level and ignore the game until the level is done I was having a pretty good win rate but still some losses with that team. Putting in Sonya for Magni would give you another dispeller or add more healers.