What is wrong with titan spawn?


For the past month or so, every second titan we get is a Brussel Sprout, hm, sorry, Gorgon Queen. It is ridiculous, we are sick and tired of it. For a week we even got Queen, venomtail and Queen again! What is happening with titan spawn??


5 out of our last 8 titans have been yellows. :frowning:


we have the same problem 8* purple dragons last 4


There’s only so many titans. We get the kraken a lot. It’s just part of the game, not a bug.


And guess what. A kraken just spawned. :man_facepalming:


There might be just so many titans, but they sure are not all the Gorgon Queen, over and over


I’d rather that titans spawn in color sequence, like rare quests.