What is wrong with the raids?

Why can’t I win a raid against smaller players? All of a sudden they are killing my hero’s fast and I can’t budge them. I have never had this much difficulty beating someone way smaller then myself.

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I moved this to General Discussion because what you wrote is not a bug. Also, you’ll get more traffic in this forum.

As a starting point, I would suggest posting the pictures of a few recent raids. The team you lost to and the team you attacked it with will help others comment on ways you can improve your strategy.


I presume by smaller you mean weaker, not shorter in stature.

Is this when you are attacking? As IvyData says we need reference data to put it into perspective.

I’ve been having some bad luck with raids too. This whole week! I may need to start taking some screenshots (never done that before). Normally I dominate, but I’ve been getting really horrible boards with no combos. It’s RNG- I hope:( I only attack teams at my level or stronger. Not worth losing 50 trophies to gain 10! Hope our luck turns around soon lol!!

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Like 3 hero’s are dying after first special attack against me.

I’ve been raiding smaller teams for 6 months. There is something wrong with the raids after this last update. My hits aren’t doing anything and they have all turned into super power freaks.

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And I put this topic under Bugs and glitches because it is a bug or glitch.

I keep losing my snipers fast. You can’t win a raid with BT and Guinevere- no matter how many emblems are on them unless you have an awesome board. It looks like AI might have gotten smarter:)

I put this under bugs because it is a bug. I care less about traffic, I want the technicians to read it, don’t care about other players reading it.

I go through periods where I lose too, although usually it’s to equal or stronger opponents. And I go through periods where I win against stronger opponents. This happens pre- and post- update. I am just glad no one is around to hear me when I hit the bad streaks … :grimacing:

If I find myself in a bad streak of luck i just walk away for a bit. Which is why I’m on here right now and not trying to fill my raid chest :roll_eyes:

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It’s pretty clear that there’s no widespread raid bug in the current update. It’s been out for 3 days; if raids were broken, we would be seeing hundreds of reports here, rather than the couple of isolated complaints.

The forum is basically for players to talk with and help other players, and that’s what your fellow players like @IvyTheTerrible are trying to do. Small Giant staff read posts here and respond occasionally. But that’s not the forum’s focus.

If you want to open a support ticket with Small Giant, here’s how:

Make sure you click the “Support” button.

But I’m very confident they’ll tell you exactly what I just did.


Please post pictures of your attack team and your opponent’s defending team. Only then we can analyze the problem.

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I’ve also been struggling last couple of days. It’s like stacking has been nerfed. I try to complete two raids chest a day it’s been impossible lately it’s taken me plus 7 hours with full flags starting cause I can’t even kill the tank on a couple of them. I’m hoping my luck turns around. But it also means my defense has been winning as well.

Raid chest need 40 kill, our flag limit is 6 which can only be use to kill 30. Unless we use flask or raid tournament’s flags, we can only complete it with 8 flags at the fastest. With 12 hours cooldown, we would need 12+2 hours per chest if we save flags. We can’t complete it twice a day.

No, it isn’t. I just beat 3750 team with my 3300 3-2 stack team.

Maybe try a bit cup dropping? I’m a cup dropper, I used to let my trophy fall down around the bottom border of the league I aimed before my chest come out. I can fill it easier as I get easier opponents.

I just want to be clear, I’m not saying there is an issue. I know it’s RNG. I was just trying to let OP know that it happens to all of us. You will win and lose. Just because your team is more powerful, it does not mean you will win. I’m having a bad luck streak myself right now, but I know it will turn around:)


Honestly, I’ve had problems in the past with raiding, but I’ve never attributed it to updates gone awry. This game is mostly RNG based. Therefore, you will occasionally have bad luck streaks, just as you’ll have good ones. For me, lately, I’ve been dominating my raids, along with my defense team. Just this morning, I woke up to over +100 cups in my watchtower, then proceeded to win 8/9 of my raids today to fill my first raid chest. I fill two a day, and haven’t had a problem with it recently except for maybe once. That’s totally normal though. There will be days where I just can’t seem to ever get the tiles that I need, and it feels like the game is against me. A few hours/days later, it’ll be back to normal until it’s not. I’ve just gotten used to it, I suppose.

I’m sorry you’re having such trouble lately, and dealing with the crappier side of RNG, but there are a few things you can control to make it better for you. You can try stacking vs your opponent, tailoring each raid team to best counter your opponent, or even taking a breather and coming back to the game when you’re more focused; all of that can help to improve your performance. I find, when I’m raiding and losing a lot, I get really frustrated that I make mistakes I wouldn’t have normally made had I been winning. Therefore, I actually contribute to my losses even more. Idk if that’s the case here, but just something to keep in mind.

If you ever want help with deciding who to use when raiding against specific opponents, or certain heroes that work really well, always feel free to ask. Everyone here is super helpful, and would love to give assistance. We all have bad raiding days though, so I really don’t think this is a bug, but if you’re convinced it is, I’d definitely take @Garanwyn advice and send a support ticket just to be sure.

Hope your luck changes soon :blush:


Really depends on your lvl and the number of heroes you have maxed that you can pick from to give your team biggest advantage vs your opponent.

In the beginning when you only have 5-6 maxed heroes, you can’t really stack vs your opponents.

I found RNG is only good about 20% of the time if I mono stack, so I’ve been trying out 3/2 and 2/2/1 stacks.

Some people re-roll when they see a high TP defense but I switch between raid and revenges so I don’t really reroll, I can’t afford the 2000 food.

Anyways, I’ve been in diamond for the past few months, typically face opponents between 4100-4300 TP.

I can’t control my raid defenses (I lose 60%) but I did go on a nice 33 win streak recently so nothing is wrong with raids!

Emblems are something else to keep a eye on. there are some 4* mainly getting up there and I know I’m starting to have a harder time with some of them. I have plenty of choice in 5* for raids but I’m getting raided more. So I just have more fun getting revenge on them

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@Spaztic_Nerfbags, it looks like I misunderstood your intent in making this thread. Although if you seriously think raids have some sort of bug then I would challenge you by asking this: some people in this thread are having good raid results, others poor. How do you think the bug works? Does it divide the playing pool into two groups and favors some of us while inhibiting the rest? Or do you think it’s a bug that’s specific to YOUR account?

Perhaps you just wanted to vent and get some sympathy. Well…you vented. And some sympathized.

I assumed you wanted to improve in raids. Which is why I made a legitimate offer of assistance. I am disappointed that you have chosen to ignore it. The last time I read and was involved in a thread like this the OP posted some screen shots of raids, and it was quickly discovered that they were making some very bad errors (color stacking a weak element, bringing no dispeller and multiple AoE heroes against a riposting tank, etc.).

Although the OP from that thread didn’t reply after receiving (a lot of) feedback, I admire that they were brave enough to risk showing their mistakes. I sincerely hope they benefited from the advice they received. I think you could too, but perhaps you suspect you are indeed making mistakes in raids and don’t want to risk publicly revealing them.


Well, I just got my sweetest revenge against 7 players of 4xxx tp with my lousy 3693 tp and that get me past 2450 cups. The funny thing is I lose against a weaker team more than the stronger ones.
Hence, I prefer to revenge or raid a team which has more cups than me.
Then again, I couldn’t figure out why a team of emblem’ed Khiona, Guin, Aegir, Ares and Alberich still lurking in platinum arena.

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