What is wrong with Kageburado – why doesn’t he take damage when hitting a hero with Perfect Riposte?

Today in the war I noticed that Kageburado, when it hits the target on which there is a reflection of the damage, then it first removes this gain, and then deals damage. It turns out that he ignores this effect. But all the other heroes who are able to shoot gain, on the contrary, first cause damage, and then remove the gain. Is this what is intended?
It just seems to me that this hero is stronger than almost all the others, and he also bypasses the only serious argument against his unreal attack))

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Kageburado dispells any buffs in effect first before applying damage to the hero he hits with his special.

The order that appears on the card is the order that the special is carried out.


Look at the card, the first thing he does * dispel buffs from the target then deals the damage.
It’s a powerful hero.


Do not you think that this is a little wrong? it turns out all the characters with the ability to reflect damage are useless. Or now we need to wait for new heroes in whom this enhancement cannot be removed?)))

Shhhh, keep quiet and enjoy, I know I will.


Nothing is wrong here, that is actually the purpose of his special, that way he takes no damage when hitting
Others like zeline, panther, evelyn they hit first then debuff 3
Sonya debuffs all, but also takes damage

Some heros have riposte, some have debuffs and you must have heroes that counterpoint other heroes’ specials
Kage is great at that and his speed but when a hero is below 50% he is like a 4* dealing little damage
His debuff and shoot is amazing and u gotta love it


The name of his special is “break strike”. That is exactly what he does.

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Whatever is wrong with Kage is exactly what’s right with Thorne.


I think it takes a hero that was already a bit overpowered and take it right over the top to op.

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Reflect damage buff is over rated by a lot of players you don’t see very many top 100 with a reflect damage heroes it’s easy to dispel and work around like Wilbur’s debuff allows you to damage heroes with share damage buff

What’s wrong with Kage is that I didn’t pull him! :rofl:

OK, you could say that he’s overpowered … but I don’t think it is bad enough to break or distort the game. There are probably a dozen heroes that are exceptional/overpowered, and he’s just another one.


There isn’t another that can one shot a fully leveled and fully healthy Lianna, when the attacking hero has no additional buffs. Just ouch.


Why Kageburado doesn’t take damage when he attack a hero with counterattack? Is it a bug? I know he can dispell all buff from enemies but he doesn’t take the damage like other dispellers.

He dispels before he hits

Other dispellers dont

Working as intended

No bug

Read his special skill
Then read other dispellers special skills

Notice the order is different as far as when they dispel


I noticed it too. If Kageburado don’t take damage by counterattack because he dispell buff so for example Sonia and Caedmon should too I suppose? It should work same way but it don’t so decide whos skill are bugged.

also applied for Link-Shared-Damage , it counted as Buff so it will remove it first before do damage

Eve is opposite , she do damage first cause damage spreaded to all linked opponent before remove the Buff

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Again read the special skills

Special skill orders happen in the order they are written


Thats what make kage special compared to another hero. He will trespass any buff and can directly damage his target without worries to get any injured by riposte and shield buff doesn’t effect him

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This was discussed previous.

Their dispell is dispell ALL enemy buffs. Kageburado’s is target only.

Rumor says Gobble still eats minions after doing damage while new hero Captain of Diamonds eats minions then does damage.

Treat special skills like a recipe. If the recipe calls for mixing in sugar then baking it is different from baking then sprinkling sugar across top of dessert.

Kageburado says first dispell target then damage, Caedmon says damage then dispell all.

Aside, Caedmon will check for Companion proccing after any damage, including reflect damage.

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Thank you all for your answers. I didn’t notice the order in the description of the hability.

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