What is wrong in this game

As so many others, I do get frustrated playing this game. In my opinion a few things are totally out of proportion or not honest.

Out of proportion:
When you are in Alliance War faced with the healing factor for your opponents, forget it. Totally thrown games, not in a bit representing the power of one’s force.
playing in the minor leagues, weaker teams are normal, one weak team against another. But when it is impossible to do any damage with a weak team, even against a weak oponent all the fun is gone.
The argument it goes both ways doesn’t “heal” this feeling. I believe both sides end up extremely frustrated.
An opponent with only 1 hero standing is close to invulnerable. The hero heals faster then the damage done by a full team…

In the category not honest:
Upgrading a hero with +60% to improve skill. Don’t believe it guys. It’s a mere 40% chance you get.
The same for 20-30% chance, it’s not 1/5-1/3, rather 1/7 that you will get your skill improvement.
Why not apply the correct percentages?
I also feel that upgrading during an Alliance War drops your chance of skill improvement to almost zero.

These are really easy things to fix I would think, and it would make this game a lot less frustrating to play.

Do you have any facts that you base your assumptions on, or just hunches?


Ian, things like the healing factor really have nothing common with comparing your and your opponents power.

Either you’ve the right tactics and some luck or you simply need to test your teams in battles to be sure if they are suitable for war or not.

I’ve been playing for several months and I can beat much stronger opponents with much weaker teams by, for example, stacking my heroes. But if my team has, say, 3500 TP and the opponent’s one has over 4000, and I’ve a chance to win at the end of a battle, why such a strong player need help by something like this, which causes my loss in the end?

If War worked the same as Raids do, that would be much more fun…

If there’s something people often complain, it is just the thing like the healing factor.

No offense :wink: If you disagree, tell me where I’m wrong :wink:

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For starters I have to say I definitely agree with you on 3500 kicking 4000’s behinds… It is quite possible, not unusual even, I know that first hand. We seem to be around the same game stage, all 4* no 5* yet, which works fine if you are not afraid to stack colors and look for the right fights.

Second, well… war is not raids. War has it’s own rules, one of them being the defending team benefits from some advantages like arrows or healing or attack boost. Also, as you must already know, your defense team benefits of the same advantages as the opposition’s.

Third, I’m not sure what you mean by

If you imply that you have preset teams already decided before choosing your opponent, I must advice you to rethink your war strategy. War teams should be set from your available heroes, after carefully considering the opponent you choose to fight, just like raid teams. My war average is 300 +, with 436 points in the current war, so, my tactics seem to be working just fine.

And finally, I was questioning the OP, not implying that I enjoy fighting against field help… but war is supposed to be hard and frustrating by it’s nature, so we all have to deal with it.

I have several 5* heroes and the rest consists of maxed 4*s, so I’ve heroes for all 6 battles. I actually can stack my heroes in each battle. That means I can win against much stronger players in spite of having by, say, 500 TP less weaker teams.

The problem is that’s very frustrating if you’ve pretty good board at the beginning of your battle and this opponent can lose the match at the end of the battle and suddenly War Heal helps them, which causes my loss in the end.

This makes me very angry. Okay, if the developers think Heal is necessary for some reasons, I would allow it to be used, for example, only one time per battle.

I haven’t considered myself to be weak since I maxed my last heroes for War. But imagine the players who are really weak. Let’s say they don’t have enough heroes or simply don’t stack heroes for some reasons. That must be much more frustrating for them not to success because of some Heal if they could win somehow :wink:

Using several heroes of the same colour is my tactic and by luck I mean a (pretty) good board at the beginning of a battle.

Feel free to add anything else, I appreciate your opinions :wink:

Well, Ian,
I’m playing for a year now and facts,…
In my Alliance we are counting, with 7 players when we get an improvement in skill.
You can still call it a hunch, but does any game maker coming to tell me it’s not true?
Do check for yourself.

And when I’m talking about weak players, in our Alliance, we are only with 3 who reached level 30 or higher, best team power to attack or defend around 3000.
All the others are much lower.

My point in AW:
If you cannot win in 1 time from your opponant, you or a team-mate can have another go, normally, and so ensuring valuable points. If there is only 1 hero standing from the opposing team, it is almost impossible to kill when they get constant field aid.

It’s bad for the game, plane and simple.

By the way, it’s a game, I like to play games that make me feel good, not make me frustrated.

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The game has many sides. Not all are frustrating. War is a competition between two teams, frustration associated with failure is as normal as joy associated with victory. If you have been playing for a year, I’m certain the balance between joy and frustration is on the right side for you, otherwise you would have quit already.
Just minutes ago one of my team took out the lonely Hawkmoon, supported by field aid, so it is definitely not impossible. People tend to underestimate the value of field aid, and go in to kill Rigard with an unleveled 1* team, this is why a lonely healer might sometimes kill an entire clean-up team.
As for the special skill improvement theory, sorry, I have a really hard time believing that leveling during AW is any different then leveling any other time.
I never had any issues maxing the special skill of any 4* hero, even if I have some maxed 3* which have it at 7/8, but I never worried about it.

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We all have our frustrations… Know what mine is? Have a look at this…

This happened to me about 5 times… Now this is frustrating…

I would have to agree, the field aid makes things too OP for the defender. I had a field aid that if I did a combo of three or more, it went from empty to full. I don’t think field aid should grow based on damage, only growing based on time. Another example of how OP it is, I was against a team and only had Rigard left to take out, I had him down to less than 1/4 health left, but both the healing field aid and his special hit at the exact same time and healed him to full. At most it should have put him up to just over 3/4 health. Doing that much healing in one shot shows how the field aid is too OP.

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So, in war, always take out the healers first, especially if field aid is active…

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I don’t think that is how field aid works. As far as I know field aid always heals the same amount. I think it’s 20% of the target’s HP. As for it’s timing it goes something like this (I don’t know the exact numbers, but I guess I’m pretty close):

5 defenders alive … field aid takes 7 turns to fill-up
4 defenders alive … field aid takes 6 turns to fill-up
3 defenders alive … field aid takes 4 turns to fill-up
2 defenders alive … field aid takes 3 turns to fill-up
1 defender alive … field aid takes 2 turns to fill-up

Someone correct me if I’m wrong, please

@Kerridoc, @JonahTheBard, @Rook


It’s not always easy to take a healer down among four other 5* heroes, Ian. The last hero being alive doesn’t have to be just a healer. In my case, it is any hero.

You’re right that the war is different from Raids. War is a teamwork and to me, Aid Field and Arrow Barrage really doesn’t belong there or at least they should be limited.

I wish I could compare my heroes’ power without those things :tired_face:

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That’s really horrible :frowning: This situation shouldn’t be marked as defeat :confused:


Hooray we get to see you complain about this yet again.

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It seems to me it fills based upon damage, but ghosted tiles are worth double. When the opponent has one or two heroes left in a normal raid, you ghost tiles and usually win. In war, you ghost tiles and either watch the hero heal, or get wiped out by arrows.

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Come on @ItsaDragon, you have to admit it’s a much better frustration reason than field aid :wink:

Finally, someone agrees with me!!! :grinning:

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To me, the frustration is equal but in your case the game definitely should have ended in a tie. A tie-breaker would fix this situation. Alternatively, you wouldn’t lose nor your Raid energy nor your trophies.

I remember my battle has ended in a tie a few times, too. If this happens to you in Quests or Events, you have to spend 75 diamonds to get your rewards. That should be definitely changed :thinking:

I think the boost/attack/heal gets activated after the number of rounds, which equals the number of remaining opposing heroes + 2 rounds.

So if 1 opposing hero is remaing:

After your attack #1 - aid bar gets filled for 50%
After your attack #2 - aid bar gets filled for 100%
After your attack #3 - aid gets used

Edit: which is exactly as how you described it, but from a different perspective. Please don’t laugh. :laughing:

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