What is worth buying from the shop?

Besides purchasing gems, what from the shop is worth buying? The only chests I’ve ever considered are the elemental ones such as Might of Fire :

The cost is 1500 gems for 4 EHTs (1200 gem value), 2 rare heroes (600 GV), 2 troops 3* (400 GV), and a 1* trainer for filler. That’s a 2200 GV, for 1500.

I save the EHTs for seasonal pulls, and feed off the rest.

Edit: I’m not exactly looking for advice. I’m just curious as to what players spend on. Everyone has their reasoning, and I value other points of view.

The offers in the Shop are generally inferior to the offers outside of it, but some people like the Hunter’s Special for various Battle Items. Not my thing, but I know a lot of people were happy to see Minor Mana Potions in there. Discussed here: Hunters Special for most used battle item, such as mana potions

I’ve personally sometimes bought the Fast Lane Pack, for Loot Tickets and WE Flasks. It’s not priced superbly relative to the It’s Raining Loot Tickets offer, but my patience for manually farming during AR has diminished, so I sometimes want more Loot Tickets than I can get from that alone.


Given that a 10-pull is 2600 gems I’d rate an EHT at only 260 gem value.

The rare heroes are no more than that too, but I’d rate them less because with an EHT pull or 10-pull you have a chance of getting a 4* or 5* where as this is only guaranteed this 3*.

Troops are only 160 gems each, as a 10-pull is 1600 gems. But again I’d rate it lower than that because this is guaranteed 3* only where as doing an ETT or 1-pull has a chance of 4*.

All in all I’d say it provides no value over just doing direct pulls and as such is not worth considering over that at all.


The fast lane I think I’ll start to consider for that very reason of farming during AR. Maybe after I finish hard mode (I’m at province 19 atm).

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FYI, it alternates between a 1200 and 1400 gem offer, with slightly different items included.

I think it’s one of each during each month, on/around the 6th and 22nd.

Here’s the 1400:

And the 1200:


I use gems for direct summons only. I’d save 2600 gems for an event 10-summon, like Grimforest or Wonderland. Doing a 300-gem single summon could also do you good if you’re getting your first 3* heroes.

Emblem packs are popular and fairly reasonably priced compared to some of the other offers.

I’ve spent money on deals that involve ascention materials, but the chances of landing them are pathetic. Today’s deal has darts, but only a 1.3% chance of drawing them. Way too expensive for such a poor chance at getting them. That being said, I don’t have the fine gloves and compass problem that most in my alliance has because of my spending in this area, but I no longer waste my money buying these.

I only buy the fast lane packs, emblems and mana potions when I’m out and AR isn’t happening.

My advice is to read the fine print… and only ever buy guaranteed mats… not chance of ones!

I now hardly ever buy from the shop… only the special gem buys from events etc or occasional special deals


Hero Roster Slot Increase.


Yes, and that as well

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This is really the only thing you should buy. Wait for the specials. This game is about patience, you should use it with buying gems too.

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Don’t ever purchase gems from the shop, they’re some of the worst gem/$ wise in the entire game. I made this mistake when I first started but fortunately quickly abandoned the gem packs when I realized there were much better deals to be had.

My answer as an FTP is: Nothing

But if you really really really want to, don’t buy from shop, buy the first Valhalla deal


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