What is up with raid

What the hell is wrong with the raids I’m attacking weaker temas than mine and always loosing this ducks I’m really anoyed make the team power numbers correct please this way is no fun

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For a pleasant reading

Weakness is nothing. You could have a weaker team but if your opponent is stacking right and in top of that the tiles are not in your favor… You are as good as dead meet weight…

I take on opponents that are at 3100 give or take with a 2800 Team… I win for the most part…

Don’t let the power number fool u… Is more complex than that,

Good luck and have fun.

Yea thanks that was useless so u say that with my 3100 team I should go for what 3400 ?? As If I got a chance lol

You have no clue what you are doing. I am trying to help. Good luck.

Sorry but didn’t seem like help I’m usually good at strategy but isn’t attacking strong teams suicide if weaker ones sometimes win ? I’ll try anyway thanks screw the trophies I guess


Take the time to analyze your opponent and read your opponents team synergy.
I learn the hard way! This game takes more than just reading numbers. Stacking, Buffing, synergy. etc… Is everything.

By no means I am saying to commit suicide, Instead all I am saying is to study your opponent :slight_smile:

Who are you raiding with?

Team power means nothing if you’re raiding with the wrong people.

Do you believe a team of 5 Chaos is equal to a team of Boldtusk, Caedmon, Grimm, Li Xua, and Rigard? Despite both teams being the same power?

In order left to right
Righard max acsention level 40
Danzaburro 3rd tier level 60 going to ascend when food is plenty
AEGIR 3rd tier level 30
Horghal 2nd tier level 50
And Natalya max acsention level 36
Im currently leveling up sartana kadilen Thorne and zimkitha all still first tier just got them shortly except zimkitha she’s 2nd tier level 1 I really need a 5* healer !!

My suggestion is use a weak defense team so you lose cups while you are not logged in. Then when you raid, it will be against easier teams. It is less frustrating and the loot isn’t that much better in the higher tiers. Use the time fighting weaker teams to work on strategy and leveling more heroes.

That’s interesting I’ll try it thanks a lot !!
I’ve made some changes to my defense see what happens !!!

Ok guys I tried something new I read above tank in the middle hasn’t changed AEGIR but I put righard and Natalya next and horghal and danzaburro on the flanks and it’s seem to work better !!! Hope it lasts btw defence team is now zimkitha Natalya aegir and Triton 2 blue and 2 red and Sabina for healing getting my defense team to 2900 low enough ??


Neither Aegir nor Horghall make for good attack heroes. In general, most heroes are good at attack, defense, or titans. Aegir and Horghall are good defense heroes.

Good luck!

Ok so who to ascend first I have kadilen and horghal who’s the lesser of two evils :wink:

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