What is tile power

Maybe a dumb question but what is tile power? I can see the stats on my heroes and believe that it’s the power level of the sword icon but it’s it possible for two heroes to have the same and one is stronger than the other?

Tile power is the attack (sword) stat. If two heroes have the same attack, their tile damage will be the same. This is independent from their survivability or rarity (stars). The difference may be troops, since they affect attack too.


Tile power of a heroes is given by the sword number on the hero card. Troops increase that number as well, total tile damage is calculate by the number of heroes of the same element and its troops strength plus a multiplier. i.e. 5 heroes of the same element (mono team) will give you a total tile damage similar than having 7 heroes. This is the reason that many players use mono teams for raids and specially on titans.

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