What is this?

So is this a foreshadowing of titan changes in the works or is this yet another glitch? For the record the titan we defeated yesterday was NOT a rare and was not a 1*…things that make you go :thinking:



Looks like a visual glitch to me. Here’s what SG recommends for dealing with visual glitches:


It wasnt a glitch! Games don’t glitch with new added features that have never been in the game before…I knew it! Check out the pic of the harpoon hits and then check out the harpoon in this vid! https://youtu.be/2QEgNHIYHSA

https://youtu.be/2QEgNHIYHSA no glitch

The fact that harpoons were being added to the game has been talked about for weeks.

The fact that you got that screen after you killed a non-1*, non-rare titan on which you used no harpoons is most definitely a glitch or bug.

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