What is this? you need retired or boring player?

its already 3 days you can check my id is this bugs?? error?? my stupidty play?? whats is this?? board is not getting better day by days. from raid its same board always like this even i got better hero already…

how you can fight them???

Do you watch videos of top players and how they deal with these boards?

Your 2nd board actually has potential. Only 2 dead tiles in the center and 3 on the whole board.

Also an easy red crystal in the second board, nice set up for clearin the board and gettin Marj to fire.

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He doesn’t even need to pop it to chrage Marj. :slight_smile:


Why did you bring Joon to this fight? The foe is void purple, doubled yellow but you have only a purple healer. And the board is actually pretty good. You need to polish your strategy.

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