What is this pairing? Is it a bug?

I think our pairing was bugged please see attached images. It’s this normal such disparity? I kept track and all other pairings were the same for both…!


War Matchmaking (pairing) is done based SOLELY on the “Alliance War Score” component. Nothing else.

There are three elements used in the calculation of the war score:

  1. Strength of each OPTED IN members’s top 5 heroes
  2. Strength of each OPTED IN member’s top 30 heroes
  3. Alliance War History (extends back 20 wars)

While the war scores are a little different CURRENTLY, I suspect they were very close at the time of matchmaking. Things that may have changed the score is that a member in your alliance may have opted into the next war (i.e. a new recruit?); or they may have a current member who has “opted out” of the next war.

People joining/ leaving alliances will also change the war-score mid game.

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You are Star Wars Academy? They are technically stronger (maybe not stronger but have a record of success) than you but it is probably ~10%. That is completely doable; they may be coming off a couple of losses and you might be coming off a couple of wins?

Couple of losses too… We were trampled barely made a reset. I know cups don’t mean anything but it’s very strange that they lowered theirs…

Oh, I well understand that part. I have been trying for months to work out an approximation of the metric they use; yes, I do know the official line and i also believe it. However, all i can come up with so far is that most of a players rating is based exclusively on their strongest heroes and that is not generally what is on show in defense. The other ~30% (?) seems to be related to your attack capacity and that does not seem quite fair to me personally as it seems to me to reward teams with high stats but often with zero depth (I have capacity but not that much outright strength). I am also fairly sure they put a lot of time in trying to make it fair. if you can get something from this then that might be a good thing?

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