What is this number? -- Number Floating Above Farm / Mine

I found this curiosity. I would say this is just a visual bug.

This number appeared on top of my advanced mine building

I have no idea why that 28232 was there. When I collected the iron, the number disappeared and the amount collected was different.

Has anyone seen something similar?

I know it normally shows the number for the quantity of resources collect. So from that vein I’d say it’s the quantity of iron that you collected from the mine right beneath it.

The quantity of iron you collect will vary depending on how long it’s been since you last collected.

The only “bug” might be if it doesn’t go away?

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Well there are other mines in the screenshot and no one shows a number like the advanced.

At the moment I took the screenshot I hadn’t tapped the advanced mine yet. In fact I tapped the watchtower.

The number did go away when I collected the iron. The amount of iron was different than that number (I can’t recall how much iron I collected though)

This sometimes happens if you quickly click multiple pop ups.

A player actually wanted a permanent indicator

(Displaying the amount of ham in a farm and iron in a mine)


Whoa I never expected to be related to pop ups. I will take a closer look next time I open the game and start closing all the pop ups quickly.

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I can’t find a general discussion thread for the v31 update, please feel free to move this.

Also don’t see this mentioned anywhere, so don’t know if this is a bug or new feature, but something different appeared with the update (just got it a couple hours ago).

Some numbers appeared over 2 of 3 running mines when they were ready to collect. All three were ready, but only 2 had numbers, and as you can see the numbers were varying degrees of faintness. Turns out that when I collected them, that number was the total iron ready for collection.

The third mine, without the hovering numbers (far fight in the pic) acted as it always has: the collection numbers appeared at the time of collection during the animation.

For the record: I like being able to see how much is there before collecting it, I really hope that was intended.

BUT, since all of the mines aren’t acting the same, something might be amiss somewhere. Or I’ve just been oblivious this whole time, which is unfortunately subject to rng, sorry :upside_down_face:

Also curious if anyone else is seeing this after updating, seems like I would’ve seen mention of it but, again, I might’ve missed it.

[Edited to add: my farms came up for collection while I was posting this, none of them have the collection numbers visible before collecting.]


I am hoping this is a sneaky QoL improvement that the dev team implemented.

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@Disposable I think it’s linked to this:


You are not alone seeing those numbers in top of the mines… I just thought everyone does. :rofl: I used to see them before the V31 and I still do after the update :


Same; always shown on my game before the update (haven’t even updated yet).


Thanks guys, I’ve never noticed it, it’s not every time either. Weird but no biggie, I actually wish it was always like that :wink:


I know it’s a small visual bug, but hey I think i should report it. Screenshot was made before i collected the ham. Was only moving around the world.

Thx @Guvnor Guvnor for merging. Didn’t found something so I guessed it is new. :slight_smile::+1:

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