What is this item?

It is an ascension material that was in the game at the very beginning (over 4 years ago), but was never developed further. Not a bug. Just a relic. It has no use and no one has any advantage because of it.

This has been asked in the forum several times over the years (forum search is your friend :wink: )


Nov '17

Funnily enough, I did ask this question of Small Giant’s lead designer when I had the opportunity! :grin:

:trident: What the heck is that Dragon Scale for?!?

Me being the information gatherer that I am, I had to ask this question! (I’m laughing a little at myself for this.) There are two items no longer obtainable in the game, Dragon Scale and a Set of Maps. Once there’s more things to do in the game with the heroes, there will be more items in the game as well. These items will have a use someday though.