What is this hero? / Chuck norris + e&p = πŸ’“

If you try using Timestops fighting Chuck Norris, your time is up.


If Chuck Norris lands a critical hit, it will kill his next three raid opponents without a fight! :wink: Uuuppppsssss!!! Did I say β€œif”? Ma’ bad!!! I meant β€œwhen”!!!

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When you are trying to upgrade Chuck Norris from lvl 1–>2 you suddenly realise that it costs 2767k of food. Not that lvl 2 will be necessary.

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When 7dd meets up with chuck norris in war… He wipe them out with 1 flag!
But he also wipes out 7df,7dc,7dt,7dh and 7da at The same time

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Chuck norris is now looking for you!

SG created Margaret and her special specifically for Chuck Norris. That way your heroes can hide and evade. No point trying to attack him… just evade.

How much Norris would a woodchuck Norris, if a woodchuck could Chuck Norris?

It can’t


I’m doomed… :skull::skull::skull:

Q: How many push-ups can Chuck Norris do?

A: All of them!

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Chuck Norris does not do push-ups, Chuck Norris does Earth-Downs.


You don’t summon Chuck Norris, Chuck Norris summons you.

You don’t level up Chuck Norris, Chuck Norris level downs you.

Chuck Norris was born a 4/80+20 Texas Ranger


When you press mystic vision and Chuck Norris is in your defense team, he completes the game while you watch the spot.

When Chuck Norris pumps iron it says β€˜Iron Storage Full’

When Chuck Norris needs a time-stop he tells time to stop

Chuck Norris has Perfect Riposte… and perfect teeth

All the houses in Chuck Norris stronghold are round-houses.

Chuck Norris likes Enemy Arrows because he likes to fight in the shade


With Chuck Norris on your team, you can craft a miracle scroll with common herbs; and a time-stop with clean cloth.

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@lightsmessenger With Chuck Norris on your team you don’t need a miracle!


Because Chuck Norris IS the miracle!

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Sabina was The hottest hero in The game! Until chuck norris Said β€œhi” to here

When Chuck Norris summons the Odd God ask him for what hero he wants.

Chuck Norris has 100% of summoning anyone he wishes inherited from himself.

Chuck norris can kill four heroes in a raid, with one tile

Only four?

20 roundhouse kicks.

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