What is this hero? / Chuck norris + e&p = πŸ’“

According to Forum Rules, all topics must be about E&P (at least marginally). Please continue to enjoy Chuck Norris and E&P in this thread. Round House Kick!!


You’re on fire @Jedon

But Zero will be ok…Arnie will save him



Delilah is Chuck Norris’ minion

Every token Chuck Norris has is Epic. Even the ones he cuts from the cereal box.

Zynga spent $500m on Small Giant. $1.00 for E&P and $499,999,999.00 for the Chuck Norris card.


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We post Chuck Norris Jokes related to E&P my friend :wink:

Gotcha. Just was overwhelmed with nostalgia with this thread. I’ll dial it in though!


Chuck Norris played the tutorial and finished seasons 1 & 2 at same time.


The game designers considered nerfing Chuck Norris. He nerfed them instead.


Chuck Norris one-shot all 30 opponents in Alliance Wars with one hit.

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Chuck Norris doesnt summon heros. They actually audition just to b on his team.

Chuck Norris just completed the Grimmforest Event in Rare, Epic and Lehendary using only troops. And if u even have to ask what place he’s currently in then ur no friend of Chuck. And u should b afraid.


Chuck Norris might audition heroes, but he never needs to actually cast any.


Nice job taking that and running with it!

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I’ve read this thread 10 times, always laugh :joy:

We need more posts like this.

SG tried to nerf Chuck Norris but he ended up nerfing them.

Chuck Norris doesn’t need AM, there is nowhere to ascend to.

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Chuck Norris never runs out of ascension materials. Ever.
Therefore, He also never needs to grind, let alone on 8-7.

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Chuck Norris does not match tiles, nothing is a match for Chuck Norris.

Chuck Norris took a p*ss ultra hard season two appeared.

Chuck Norris cannot be ascended, the game must ascend to Chuck Norris.

Chuck Norris launched his special, Empires and Puzzles can no longer be downloaded.

Chuck Norris has ultra-riposte, you are dead before you press Raid.

With Chuck Norris on the Battlefield only a retreat team can be selected.

If Chuck Norris decides to join your team quit and flee are no longer selectable.

Chuck Norris does not require a special, special is beneath Chuck Norris.

Chuck Norris has no level, this would imply he had an equal.


He hit them so hard that as soon as they revived they all instantly died again … and again …


Chuck Norris refers to them as β€˜Alliance Morning Workouts’. There is no war. That implies Chuck Norris could lose.


When Chuck Norris finishes with a board, all the tiles are dark red.

Aegir, Kiril, and Caedmon all used to be dark-haired, until Chuck Norris appeared on the other team.

Gravemaker fought Kageburado in an exhibition match for the new Tournament. Chuck Norris won.


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