What is this = Atlantis Coins

What is this Atlantide summon20180814_165456

something that will be for season 2. I don’t know much about it just what I read around here.

Will be something like event summons where you can get limited time heros and past HOTM from what I have read.

Just checkout the newest release notes:

Yes, it’s for summoning in the Season 2.

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Collect 100 of those Atlantis coins and you can do a single summons at the Atlantis portal. Each coin = 1/100 of an Epic Hero Token but for the Atlantis portal.

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Why you call me? …


With the help of this Atlantis coin I got this hero


That’s a kickass 3*. Very useful among the rare heroes.

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Yeah, Namahage is a decent 3* red. Fast mana, direct damage plus attack boost. He can be very useful on a 3* team.

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