What is the Use of Wukong after maxing Tarlak?

Title says it, had a 4/70 Wukong I was bringing in all my Titan fights and event stage battles, but now that Tarlak is slowly reaching high level, I wonder what use I will have for Wukong besides Purple titans and secondary war teams.

Any input is welcomed!

Only other thing I can think of is for events that reflect green…and I don’t remember is there is one.

I think that’s the missing one

Remember that a lucky “miss” board with Wu is always better then Tarlak :wink:

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I’m not sure i get what you’re saying

When Wu Kong delivers, he delivers more than Tarlak. It’s the miss rate that hurts – particularly on big titans, where a missed stun can easily result in a dead hero (usually Wu Kong).

Wu Kong also affects special skills; Tarlak only boosts normal damage. This is good and bad. I have won some apparently hopeless war battles when a special, boosted by Wu, kills a target – without the buff, the foe would have lived. Of course, I’ve also lost “sure wins” because several specials in a row failed under Wu’s influence.

Wu may also still have a role on teams facing purple heroes, just to stack another yellow in the mix.


As you mentioned, purple titans and additional war teams, so he does have a place. but also, you might prefer wu kong against red titans since Tarlak;s tile damage will be weak there. And for purple bosses in season 2.

Just making an example.
Let’s suppose you color stacking 4 blues and Wu kong and go against a titan.
After his special actually all blue and yellow tiles can miss the target.

Now let’s suppose all the yellow miss, and all the blues hit the mark.
Thats a “lucky miss” and you deliver almost double the damage you would do with Tarlak.

If i have both i probably not rely solely on Tarlak, but sometimes even use Wu the same, just to shake things and have fun :slightly_smiling_face: