What is the use of Hunter’s Lodge without any space for it?


Provide a dedicated place for Hunter’s Lodge.

I completely forgot it even I upgraded it to level 10 from last 4 months. I didn’t craft any items from it.

I didn’t understand what is point of giving it without any space for it in Empire.

It’s crazy. Why should I always switch my building from one to another. Even I remember, while building in process , it cannot switch.

Better give space for Hunter’s Lodge. Until that time I won’t craft anything from it.

Many players are saturated with same Titan, war and raids. So no one want use battle items much. I stopped using it even I’m getting enough score.

Better update

There is space for it though so I don’t get the complaint?

I have my Hunters Lodge, Alchemy Lab, Hero Academy, Lvl 20 Forge and my Barracks out.

I’ve given a training camp up for the Hero Academy but that’s no big big deal to me.

And to add to that I know a lot of people put the HL above their lvl 20 forge and just flip between them as necessary if you don’t want to give up a TC

That’s what I mentioned. Why should I give up something to get HL, even after reaching SH25. Why don’t they provide space for it or free conversion even building is in process.

This is highly unacceptable . Anyway I’m not much interested with HL battle items, Basic battle items are enough.

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They definitely should have given us at least 1 or 2 extra building slots with the new buildings. I know most people don’t need more than one forge at any time, but I’m not most people. Sometimes I want to craft several things at one time, and no I don’t want to have to log in every other hour to switch buildings around or whatever. That’s just annoying. :angry:

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Do you really need 4 Forges?

Were you upset at having to give up something for your Barracks?

If you put them over forges you don’t really give up anything…switch it to HL…make your items, switch it back and make Forge ones if that’s the way to go.

I gave up a TC as I don’t really need 4 of them now and I don’t really want to switch back and forth but it’s not really a massive inconvenience.

I like having at least 2 forges. And yes, I do want all 4 of my TCs. I’m currently using 3 of them full time, and the 4th part time.

And I could be wrong, but last time I checked, you need to have an available builder in order to switch back and forth.


Ohh Come on!
4 Forges=1 Forge+ 1 Hero academy + 1 Alchemy + 1 Barracks

We can’t convert forge to HL during building in process .

In POV sometimes need to level troops , I use every day 1 forge, Hero Academy and Alchemy continuous running.

Where is dedicated space HL? Why should I miss one of those to get this. May be for you it’s looks good. But not for me. Why should I need to switch always?

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You do need a builder so it’s a bit of a hassle whilst making them. Which is why I kept the lvl 20 free.

Now if I need to run both I often have the spare builder so I flip the Barracks back and that has a reasonable Forge under it.

But early doors giving up one of 3 forges (I assume the 4th would be a barracks on everyone’s base) isn’t really the end of the world is it?

Well…because you do. :man_shrugging:

We all have the same base issues and we manage them. This game has resource management Elements and these are things you have to manage.

I have it running so I don’t miss anything and I don’t have to flip anything. I get giving up a TC may be too much for some people but that doesn’t happen until you get to SH25 and have to decide where you are putting Hero Academy

To get HL we need to sacrifice something. meaningless

I have two TC20s and a TC11 running full time. Also a Barracks, Alchemy Lab, Hunter’s Lodge, and Hero Academy. Since my VIP expired, I only have one builder, and he’s busy upgrading something currently. I think I ended up converting one of my farms into one of those other buildings just so I could still have access to two forges at a time. Because yes, sometimes I want to craft two different items at the same time!

Not the end of the world? Well for that matter, I could say it wouldn’t be the end of the world if everyone only had 1 building on their base and everyone’s team just consisted of a single Bane. Not the end of the world! It’s just a game, after all.

But games are supposed to be fun, not annoying.

Resource management? Yeah, sure. That has always been an element of the game. But we still have the same number of buildings with SH25 as we did with SH20.

In games I play where resource management is an essential part of gameplay, when I realize that I need more of something, I build more. If I’m running out of food, I build more farms. If I’m running out of iron, I build more mines. You can’t do that in this game. They keep adding more buildings without increasing the number of buildings you can build. Making it harder and harder to manage our already limited resources.

I fail to see how that adds to the “fun”.

I played many thousands of hours of Civilisation games. Civ 6 changed the dynamics of how the various buildings worked and you had to place a specialised area into which you built those.

Often it ends up that you have to sacrifice a natural resource to build it and you the player have to decide if the return from the specialised sector is worth destroying the resource for.

So maybe in my brain it’s just like that? A game should be challenging too and if everything was easier the fun for me wouldn’t be as much.

No one makes you have a Hunters Lodge. It’s not required to play the game. You the player has to decide if the building you are going over with it is worth the loss to have it.

Like I said, a lot of people just park the HL over a lvl 20 forge and just flip between and give up nothing for the privilege of that.

There’s no right or wrong way here. But if you want a specialised building I have no issues with a decision about giving something else up to have it.


I’m not asking to make the game easy. But if they’re going to add new buildings, they should also add new space to place the new buildings…?

I rarely even use the new buildings myself, but I hate the idea that I have to “switch” between one or another. Especially if it means I have to have an available builder to do it. So if I suddenly decide I want to craft an item from a certain building that I converted into something else, and my builder is busy, I have to wait a week to be able to craft it?

Imagine if every time E&P released a new legendary hero, you had to give up one of your other maxed legendary heroes before you were able to pull it. That would kind of suck, wouldn’t it?


I got to ask, why? What items are you continually using and crafting? My forge sits unoccupied unless I start to get a surplus of iron or ham and want to make some constructive use of the surplus. As a result, I have a large stockpile of items to last for a while.

Tornadoes and mana potions. I use them on titans.

Both small and large mana potions. The large ones take a while to craft. So it helps to have a second forge to make smaller ones while I’m waiting on the bigger ones.

I’m not most people either. I want my two forges! :joy:

I’d suggesting converting the Barracks, but sometimes you need to level troops for POV. I don’t have a second builder either. :sweat_smile:

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Oh, I use my barracks every day! Would not convert that.

Hunter’s Lodge I almost never use, honestly. I probably should, as my inventory is full of all sorts of titan guts and bones and other icky stuff that can be used to craft things… but I mostly just keep the lodge around because it looks cool, and I assume my villagers probably enjoy going there after a long day of working the mines.

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I don’t have a Hunter’s Lodge atm. Only used it to craft harpoons, which I have a stockpile of.

I strongly dislike that we have to convert exisiting buildings for other buildings. Having written that, since SG upped the emblems for combining alkashards, I may convert my 2nd available forge back to the Alchemy Lab.

Players can’t add more space for buildings so we have to try working with what we have. I can still add my support for adding more space though.

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Alkashards are the only reason I still keep my Alchemy Lab around. Originally, when you needed 10,000 alkashards to combine, I thought it was a total joke. 1000 shards, however, is much more reasonable. And the potential rewards are fairly decent. :+1:

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