What is the use of enhancing heroes?

as for what purpose do I need it? I have 4k of power and I lose in raids against 3700 because if I deploy 4k this is not transmitted to the puzzle? Why do not I damage the titan despite wu kong and triple strong color? Why does the enemy benefit from the help given by my puzzle in war as well as outside help?

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Power doesn’t guarantee a good board, which can cripple you even when battling someone weaker.

Tripling weak titan colour doesn’t guarantee anything. You are dealing good damage 1/5 Colors, mediocre damage on 2 Colors, and zero damage on 3. It’s. Wu Kong has a decent chance to miss and he misses often. Again, without a good board you won’t do well.

The war goes both ways, when your enemies face you they have the same hurdles - it’s balanced.

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I thank you for the answer may seem trivial and obvious, but the things you wrote (while playing for a long time) I did not know and think that they are also written in the game (such as aids or percentage of kong)

congratulations again your intervention is useful as a scuba mask in the high mountain

4K is just a number. What is your team? Do they work well together or are they just the highest you have?

You seem to not take any opinions of others well. This will hinder you on the forum as everyone has a different one. People give them based on the information you share.

If you don’t want answers, it is quite simple don’t post.


I apologize if I’m surly, however, I have

Lyanna 80 Eloisa 80 gravemaker 80 vivica 80 and o Domizia 80 or Aaron 80

I always double the strong color against the enemy tank but since the last update it makes me lose raids and battles in war even with much lower powers this is frustrating

Those should work well together in any format.

How is it you normally lose? tiles or specials. A bad board sucks but can be overcome.

Is this your defense or offense?

offense in the raids and before the update worked very well I had arrived in the first 100 of the global. Now 1 or 2 in 6 lose (regardless of power)
In the war 2 of 6 lose (changed the teams)

Well I dont use rainbow team for offense or most of the time since it relies heavily on specials which in the end relies heavily on mana speed and the troops you use.

Having a bad board is quite common and losing 1/3 of the time is nothing uncommon. WHAT you are seeking is perfect wins which is quite a difficult feat in the upper diamond league.

Well since you are using a rainbow 5*, it would be better to seek advice from someone who does so :wink: @Brobb

I double the strong color against the opponent’s tank but still lose and there is in the game. Imho lose against a 3700 match and revenge no.

titan I averaged 20k (no “style” shots) now I average 15k.

War apart absurd matches (and many members of my ally are leaving for this) 2 out of 6 attacks causes me to lose them despite doubling color and I am superior in power by at least 100.

It doesn’t matter. Double or even triple stack. If the RNG boards are bad it doesn’t matter what hero you use.

It goes both ways. I slaughtered 4k teams and was lucky enough to have diamonds and cascades and never took a point of damage. On the flip side, I’ve had battles where I hardly got any of the tiles I needed on the board and lost. You have to take the good with the bad.


Lyanna gravemaker Eloisa Domizia and Khiona (66) if the yellow tank
Aznar (70) if the Green
Little John (70) with blu
Joon or kong with purple
Red nothing

Ok thanks all for answers

I just lost 4 straight in what should be a win for me. I stacked yellow and red against a Hel tank. I killed Hel and red tiles never came to me. And all 3 rounds it allowed Isarnia to fire.

Your best bet for specific help would be to take videos of some of your raids and post them for feedback.

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