What is the spread on a 9* Yellow Emperor Dragon

I’d like to know what the spread is on a 9* Yellow Emperor Dragon

What do you mean by the “spread?”

I’m guessing he means …

Never mind. He clearly says “9*”

I was going to say lowest ho and highest hp for the various stars. But nope.

I have no idea what “spread” is. But I know better than to go out in public and tell people to “spread them.” That has good odds to get me in trouble.

awhile ago I jotted down the HP for titan levels 1-10 (regular not rares) here


I mean the amount damage it has to take compared to an 8*

Yes, the titan hit points. That’s what’s in the chart in the link I posted.


Jam. Preferably grape jam for best results.

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Thought you wanted to know its wingspan.


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