What is the purpose of this happening? Are they just mercs or what?

Maybe they just wanted to know what lvl of titans you defeat. Obviously not high enough for their expectations.


They’re titan hunters. Probably are after titan 9*. That’s the pov fault.

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We had one pop in and stay just for the rare titan. Was hunting the rare item. With the drop rate - good luck to him!!

Titan tourists are unwelcome in our alliance. They’re a huge pain.

They even inspired me to make a meme:


Yes they are Titan hunters. Generally they are looking for rare titans, as they have a higher drop rate for rare ascension MATS.
I find the MERCS are quite polite and thank you for allowing them to hit your Titan.
I have open alliance, so one time we had 10 MERCS come (without calling for help) and within 15 minutes the rare Titan had gone :smile:
Now if we want to kill rare titans ourselves and keep the A+ loot rating we have to close the alliance.


But I mean doesn’t the rares also give reduced loot when you’re jumping from one alliance to another, I don’t think rare titans give them emblems or the bonus mat.


Shoot, yes, I noticed that the Path of Valor requirements makes this happen now too.

AFAIK the loot is reduced, yes, but the drop rates for the rare mats are equal (equally abysmal, but equal nonetheless).

I thought they had fixed that, so if you weren’t in the alliance when the rare Titan spawned, you weren’t eligible for the rare material.

Can anyone confirm or deny?


This used to be the case for a short while but has been fixed a long time ago (was a bug). You have to be there when the rare spans to get the bonus mats (eg release notes 1.12). Same for emblems.

Some mercs diligently work to arrive before rare spans, though (which is doable, but requires work)


Yeah, the titan tourists we used to get showed up just before titan spawning and then left immediately afterwards.

Question for the experts: Is the titan spawning schedule the same for every alliance or does it differ?

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Titan spawning differs for every alliance, but every alliance is on a 23 hour schedule, so perfectly predictable. And rare titans usually appear after somewhere between 9 and 12 killed titans (and only after a kill). So you can increase your likelihood of appearing right before a rare.


if someone jumps in b4 the titan spawn and out after the regular spawn that’s a rare titan hunter 100% sure . if you want no guests , I advise you just to change the type to “invite only” as they usually have no time to send a request.

Yea I will keep it in mind so they don’t kill them before our guys get’s to hit them.

there are a lot of alliances that appreciate merc help and keep the doors open . “invite only” will save time for mercs and keep your titans safe ) win win imo


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