What is the purpose of the forum

Yesterday I was reading posts about the hypothetical ALLIANCE WARS. A moderator was participating in the conversation. The moderator tried to redirect the conversation. But when players continued the discussion the moderator locked the thread and today the thread cannot be found.
So I pose the question is the forum place for players to talk to each other or are we supposed say only what pleases the Devs And Moderators.

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The purpose of the forum is to talk about features that are currently in the game, whether they’re working, whether they’re not working, what we enjoy or dislike, what we would like to see in future, and what we would like to see less of, sharing tips and advice, and sharing creative stuff in the player content section.

Alliance wars is currently in beta testing. Anyone enrolled in the testing has their own access to a separate forum for discussion to discuss amongst themselves, and to provide feedback to the devs, on what is working and what isn’t. None of that information needs to be shared outside of the beta forum. Anyone NOT enrolled in the testing has no idea what is going on with it, so has no reason to be involved with discussing that side of things. If you don’t like that, you had your chance to apply the same as they did.

So yes, that thread should have been removed.


The Alliance Wars poster placed feedback in the wrong forum - it is a real thing being tested now. It shouldn’t have been posted here. People, including myself, made some comments and also suggested locking or moving it (I’m in Beta as well), the moderator locked it. The moderator did exactly what they should have done - even gave us a chance to let it die.

This forum is for posting anything about the game, including what you dislike (and plenty post that kind of thing). But when a beta post is misplaced in the general forum, way before it is even ready to go to the public (as alliance wars is), it should be locked.


As someone who moderated a rather huge game developer’s forums, this gets my goat. The mods here are as far from heavy handed as you get, so don’t worry, no ones being oppressed around here. As long as people are being civil and aren’t posting anything lewd we get to talk about whatever we want. With all of the complaint threads and posts around here that don’t get swiftly hidden or removed, how can you not see that?
*end rant


I agree with the members replying above me.

And I was the one who had made that remark - to a posting in a completely different thread - which was then separated and made into a new thread :slight_smile:

I do agree that my remark was premature. :-):slight_smile:

Like another member said to me:
This is SG we are talking about.

And not, I may add, the idiot developers of a game that I (and many other players, including most high levels) threw down approx. 4 years ago, because those developers of that other game 1. had no idea what the player base wanted and 2. rolled out buggy crap regularly without any testing. Preferably on a Friday afternoon … and the players were left holding the bag until Monday …

So, I am still shell shocked from that other game.

But let’s see what the developers at SG cook up for us. They are, after all, giving their new developments to players to test first …
Which is already a great big advantage over that other game :slight_smile:


The purpose of this forum is to keep us from having to use Facebook and Twitter excessively :stuck_out_tongue:


Facebook! shudder :grin:


Is Facebook like some sort of scrap book that only has people’s faces in it?


Facebook is so vile, I’m unable to describe it using ladies language. :grin:

(Kidding! But I hate FB…). Glad others can use it. :wink:

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The original thread (the one about ascending 4*'s, worth it?) went sideways because of an offhand remark I made about alliance wars and the implementation.

That was a mistake on my part, I should’ve compartmentalized it as a beta tester, and I’m sorry.

Speaking as a 5-year volunteer moderator on the community forum of a major US corporation that gets an absurd amount of traffic each day: how this was handled was absolutely correct, and I didn’t even get a polite reminder not to do stupid ■■■■ which would’ve been absolutely warranted, or perhaps an even stronger worded message depending on the views of the forum management.

Another poster was correct: this is the lightest touch moderation I’ve seen in any community forum I’ve been a part of… of which there’s been several in my decades online.



Dear, it is not your fault if an - at that time - very cranky valkyrie jumps at a little side remark of yours and quickly finds something new to be cranky about. :wink:

As a matter of fact, I am very glad that I did not get you in trouble.

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SG wants to encourage the community to grow; I love their approach to the Forums. :wink:



So do I.
And I am very favourably impressed that the people here are so nice and friendly and helpful. Including the mods. And that the people from SG actually listen to what players say, take action and respond. And within a short time frame, too.

Big huge THUMBS UP!!!

This is a far cry from the forum of my last game, which was filled with unspeakable people and visited … once in a blue moon … by the devs of that other game, who did not give a rat’s …uhm … . behind … what their player base wanted and whose reaction time was … uhm … not the quickest … to put it mildly.

If I had known what a lovely, informative and helpful place this EP forum is, then I would not have waited so long before joining.

Well, now you are stuck with me :wink:


Twitter. #Shudder


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This is why we can’t have nice things @Revelate

Twitter? really…where’s the banhammer? :wink:


Could be worse, I suppose. Could be Pinterest or Snapchat. Now I’ll go wash my keyboard out with soap for typing those two…


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