What is the purpose of an Avatar?

Yeah, that’s excessive

I know most of them are a waste of money. All I bought was a background for mine, to try to set it apart from the thousands of similar generic avatars.


I’d buy the Springvale goat

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It is not used for much indeed, except if it is only to have its identity … I find that this is nice because it allows us to “stand out” from others by having some exclusive avatars that we can collect either in PoV, or even in events. And then I sincerely believe that this also makes it possible not always to see the same faces. :joy:


The purpose of the Avatar is to pass more easily as one of the natives so they consider you as one of their own while also having a body adapted to the environmental conditions of the alien planet. Oh, you did not mean that Avatar. My bad.


Yes!!! Truly hilarious! :rofl::laughing::joy::grin:

Avatars bend air. Right?

That explains all the unobtanium too

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How does one claim AVATAR REWARDS

when you finish the mission you go back to your missions overview and collect.
should be quite simple.
maybe u forgot and its already in your ready to chose avatars.

Adrian_Storm,. Actually it was done as a favour to us. 4* mats were originally the last rewards, but as many only reached 48 (and complained on the forum as per usual) it was swapped around.
btw, Path of valour is about progression and rewards you claim on the way,. not a single, final reward. Springdale etc have more than an avatar as well.

Does it come in a summon form

no, more like when you buy gems and obtain them by pressing the “claim” button

Actually I always considered PoV as being about two things: the emblems and the 4* mat. Mat, not mats, as I don’t pay for valor pass. The rest is… junk as usual… thing is, most rewards are junky even if you buy the pass… I’d throw all other rewards (except emblems) for a 25% chance roll at a second 4* mat…

Ok, i was talking about the Avatars i received in the Springfield mission

Ian487, did you ever add up the goodies you get in pass of valour. Junk? Hardly, you are throwing away at least 100 emblems, EHT, ETT, usually 200 Valhalla coins (now S4), 1 3star mat, 1 4star mat, 100 gems, 20 challenge coins and more. junk? But to each their own.

My thoughts exactly. Except for the 4* mat and the emblems (as I stated above) there’s nothing of any value. A few pulls that 99% of the time will result in 3* heroes and troops, more 3* mats to add to the ever growing pile already gathering dust in my inventory and other junk not worth mentioning… Again, I’d gladly throw it all in for a 25% chance roll at another 4* mat. Then, again, I play for free, throwing money down the drain (for the valor pass) ain’t exactly my style… I have much better things to do with it… beside, even if I was the type to spend on video games I can play for free, I would most definitelly not invest in a scheme where my investment will be worthless as soon as the new toys come out. As you put it, to each their own…

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