What is the purpose of an Avatar?

Did I miss something about the Avatars?? Do they have a secret power or something? Its a cruddy reward to destroy 400 macaws, (using 6 energy, so essentially an hour in between each battle) and earn a picture


Just to earn a picture, provide some meta goal and bragging rights.


Once again, I am not bothering with doing lots of work for an avatar. I like my own avatar just fine :blush:

(oh, the last time that I did not bother was messing with exploding eggs at easter, just to get an avatar of an annoyed looking bunny rabbit. Why on earth should any sane person do that?)


Bunnies are good for stew

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The purpose of an Avatar is vanity, personalisation and recognisability. I recently purchased a red background because I desired much to distinct myself from others with “my” avatar.

The purpose of an Avatar gained as reward for a mission/event is showing to others that you, yourself, did indeed accomplish what was required to gain this reward.

Anyone donning a yellow macaw right now certainly spent a lot more time in Season 2 than I did, and I finished it at both difficulty levels. So I sense the distinction there.

(You underestimate the bunny. You’re in great company though: even the legendary King Arthur himself underestimated the bunny, but he found out it takes a Holy Handgrenade to destroy the terrifying beast. Why one would seek to use a bunny as one’s avatar though… perhaps to indeed set themselves apart as insane, or deeply in touch with their inner rodent? Perhaps these persons are the “good” rodents, while those with the rat avatar are the “nasty” ones?)



ROOOFL!! :grin::grin::grin::grin:

Somehow, I can sense that you share my opinion of working hard in order to gain … uhm … an avatar. Call me clairvoyant if you wish, but I can sense it … :wink:

Ni !!!

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Same purpose of a pink rifle in every shooting game.

Kill others with fashion.


I gotta say I am extremely underwhelmed by the avatar thing, and think it borderline criminal to have the top reward for Springvale to be two of them. I was very glad rto get the shield at the top of normal, but when I saw the avatar rewards for challenging I almost decided not to bother.

Avatars aren’t the only rewards on those Springvale stages.

Note: 5th topic from 2018 to be resurrected into 2020 in a one week period


Forum Alberich up to his old trick again?


Maybe Alby wants to promote his OWN avatar…


I know. I realized after the fact I meant Path of Valor. Two Avatars after all that work is tatamount to highway robbery.

It means the 4* mats are now more accessible. Don’t bother with the last two levels of the avatars aren’t of interest.

I like the JF avatar last time but I’m not fussed about Malosi


What about Clarissa?

Thanks for your reply. It would seem to me they could’ve made the 4* mats this accessible and still given us something worthwhile in the last level. I suspect Avatars are considered a final-level-worthy goal by a very tiny percentage of players. Maybe I’m wrong.

I’m vvc2p so I won’t get Clarrissa. Doesn’t look like one I’d use anyway.


Too girly?

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No, I used Domitia for ages. And Sonya when my whole profile was set up by my daughter originally.

She just doesn’t look epic. Maybe the rest of the card art is better :man_shrugging:t3:


LOL. Ah, this is just too funny.

Some of the MMORPGs I used to play, they sold purely cosmetic items in the “game shop”. They didn’t actually do anything, but people still bought them.

Er… I may have bought a couple myself…

People would see you prancing around with your fancy costume and yell “pay to win!!!”

Win what? The costume contest? Yep, I win as being the best dressed idiot in this dance circle. Now gimme my trophy! :laughing:

Come here and people get costumes for free, and they’re like… “wait… so it’s just cosmetic? It doesn’t actually do anything? WHAT THE HELL IS THE POINT???”

The point is to be able to customize your look to suit your tastes. Because some of us can’t be #1 in the leaderboards. But we can still look fancy if we want to :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


They were more interesting when they didn’t go ape feces and create a ton of them … They are essentially badges at this point

It’s a stopgap — a way to reward time invested without giving anything of value

But I know some regions value them more than others.

The 1200 gem ones are the ones that give me pause …

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