What is the price of Hel?

I already miss hel. I suck nearly every time when i try to attack players in raid who have her.

There’s always Proteus in the Atlantis portal - costs more per pull but works out cheaper per result, you get a chance at the HOTM and other fine heroes into the bargain, and every 10 pulls give you a mat chest with guaranteed 3* or 4* unfarmable. Proteus is not as tough as Hel, being a 4*, but he does the job.

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I already have Proteus. I know he has the same skill as Hel, but other players will not replace their Hels with him. I wonder why? XD

max him give him emblems


USD 5,000 and your dignity.

It seems the latter has been accounted for.


Guvnor post can open ur eyes


Well you wouldn’t use the 4* in preference to the 5* if they fulfil the same function at the same speed, would you? Of course Hel is tougher - she’s Legendary. Doesn’t mean Proteus can’t do the job. I don’t use him on defence, but then I wouldn’t use Hel on defence either if she ever by chance turned up. I’m not suffering for lack of Hel. I’m just getting on with the game without her. It’s a lot cheaper that way.


Slight correction on some of the maths above…

The odds of getting once specific old HotM is CURRENTLY 0.052%. this means there is a 99.958% chance of NOT getting that hero.

The cumulative probability formula:
[Cumulative probability of success] = 1 - ( 1 - [ chance of success]) ^ [# of attempts].

So mathematically:
After 100 summons you have a 5.06% chance ($199.98 USD approx)

After 500 summons you have a 22.9% chance ($1,349.87 USD approx)

After 1000 summons you have a 40.56% chance ($2,699.73 USD approx)

After 1500 summons you have a 54.16% chance ($3,999.6 USD approx)

After 2000 summons you have a 64.66% chance ($5,439.47 USD)

After 5000 summons you have a 92.58% chance ($13,348.67 USD approx)

I’ll let you do the maths on how many $$$ that costs but each 30x costs 8000 gems and each 10x costs 3000 gems…


Gravemaker is also a past HotM with the same odds as Hel.

If you can get Gravemaker, you can often get Hel ( see below).


Some figures for Gravemaker

click for lots of text



Can u please add to your post how much money in US$ for each summon probability u wrote in order to make it more clear and people can see roughly how much they able to spend. (Using USD can make other players with different country also have rough guide of the price when they convert the USD into their own currencies)


100 summons = 5.06% probability = $ xxxx (insert price here in USD)

Etc down to 5000 summons price in USD

Was about to tag you for this

Wish that sort of pricing was posted in game instead of the % odds to be more clear about just how bad the odds really are


Actually even if you do 2000 pulls there is stil chance you wil get 2000 Dawas :slight_smile:

I could but I did say:

10k gems = 99.99 USD so people can do the test :stuck_out_tongue:

Forgot gems for F2P accounts

Click for gem pricing


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Not all people good at math, me included just give us the cheat sheet with answer already written please :slight_smile:


And then you can spend the rest of your playtime wondering whether you’re going to be discovered and disbarred from the game forever. Now that’s what I call throwing your money away.

He he, as suspected it doesn’t stop me saying “barred” instead of the other B word it doesn’t like.


Still yet other times it can cost you your head lol

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5 are enough - mono yellow

Man this helps put pulls into perspective, it’s not just monopoly money we’re using.

this. Proteus at +20 (or +19 is a good stopping point) is sturdy enough, sure he’s not Hel, but he’s almost as good.

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