What is the point to Costume boril?

But at the end of the day, whether one uses the original or costume version of Boril, regardless of whether he is placed as tank, flank or at the wings, he and his riposte are rendered useless and inutile when the one facing him is Melendor, who not only heals but also removes all enemy buffs, riposte included.

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I have such fondness fir Boril. I got him from an EHT very early in the game, before I even had a blue 3*. He tanked for me for a loooong time, but by the time I had ascension mats I had other blues that kept getting priority.

So he sat at 3.60 for almost a year until this last costume event. He’s a niche hero for me now, but I still smile when he makes the opponents destroy themselves :rofl:

I like the costume bonus, but don’t send him out in costume. 60% doesn’t seem like it would do enough damage to be useful :woman_shrugging:


A costume should serve as an alternative play for the regular hero. Not as something to only boost stats for the regular hero. Then that defeats the purpose of a costume hero. I read that analysis, seems boril is the only crappy one in there. They probably going to do the same thing to Cyprian for consistency too

Boril was one of my first 4* heroes and ended up being one of my first to get fully ascended too so got quite a bit of use out of him. I got the costume and I am leveling it right now but I think I’ll end up stopping after doing the final ascension. As his costume is I just can’t see any reason to use it. If your entire team is getting hit it’s going to reflect less damage than regular Boril even with 2 heroes not reflecting any damage. It doesn’t provide any benefit for the heroes getting hit. I guess it means there is always some reflected damage but it’s so weak if feels pointless.

75% would have made C Boril reflect the same damage as regular Boril when the full team was getting hit but even that feels a little weak. 80 or 90% would have been a good balance IMO. Stronger if you are sure your entire team is going to get hit and would probably have some good value in things like the last level of guardians of Teltoc so Kong and Owl can kill themselves on your team. Could even be useful in wars if you know you are going into a heavy AE (not dot) team. Charge him up with a couple healers and then let them pop their AEs and kill themselves.

The Costume buff lasting one less turn is just the icing on the this costume is useless cake for no apparent reason.


The Costume is really there just for boosting his normal self.

I hear the people who would’ve liked to have him be low defense and fragile, so he reflects more, but “fragile dwarf” is one of those things one rarely sees in fantasy.

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I maxed the costume and have him at +8. His base defense went up from 791 to 892 when I don’t have the costume equipped, and even with it on, his defense is 851. I moved him to my SH tank while I wait for telescopes to max Aegir, and my win percentage overnight is a lot better.

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Just maxed his costume and did some damage testing.

My Conclusion:

Boril without C is better when there are multiple heroes that hit all cause you get that 100% guaranteed reflect at the higheat possible rate. Otherwise you have to beg that one of those 3 Targets gets hitted. So e.g Vela will nearly kill herself depending on which heroes are flanking Boril.

In any other Situation C-Boril is better cause it trades some damage for guaranteed reflection. Overall you will reflect more damage overall dealt by e.g Gravemaker cause you don’t have to hope for him hitting at least 2 targets.

Do have 2 short Videos testing it on S2 12.6 HM versus Mitsu and the Flyer.

C-Boril Testing 1

C-Boril testing 2


Vid1: Mitsu hits 3 targets, 3x ~200 damage reflected
Vid 2: Mitsu hits 1 of 3 targets, 1x ~500damage reflected


So without C, Boril has a higher damage potential but also higher variety while C-Biril has lower damage potential but less variety and therefore is more consistant.


I run Cyprian and Obakan a lot as a /2 for just this reason.

C. Boril is a great /1 on a 4/1.

Well, I see reasoning behind Boril’s costume and why he seems to be a bit underwhelming compared to the regular card. However, I did face a costume version in defence in last no-healing tournament. The board wasn’t good at the start so I didn’t have a dispeller ready. I must say that I tiled myself to a slow death, because there’s no way around. You have to receive dmg to gain some mana, and without healing, it really hurts. :man_shrugging:t2:


Just realised he is average mana, the first costume I’ve seen with alternative speed. I guess that’s the trade. And average speed would make him much more suitable as tank, usually his slow speed means that Caedmon or Melendor will effectively cancel his special skill.

Boril has always been average speed?

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Sh*t, you’re right. Ive used Boril a lot and always thought he was slow. My brain must have had a chronic Boril defect. :open_mouth:

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