What is the point to Costume boril?

I got his costume, saw what he does and refused to level it; worse costume imo. I get the concept, he is anti aoe. But regular boril is more threatening than him in both Def and offence. a nerf of more than 50% riposte just to hit two more targets is unacceptable. With his already high Def, his 60% riposte is returning pitiful damage. Any run of the mill healer can heal back the damage. My magni one shot a gravemaker at 3/4 health earlier and that riposte couldn’t even kill him. If it’s a regular boril riposte that would have definitely ended my magni. Just goes to show how bad c boril is at Def.


Even if you don’t like the costume, the bonus normal boril gets from the costume is very good indeed. Extra 5% att Def and mana, 10% hp, yes please! So you should definitely level it if you use boril anyway just use him in non costumed form.

When I’ve leveled mine I want to experiment with him in different positions. 60% riposte isn’t great but it opens up new positions such as wing or flank.


This. This is the idea of the costume version of Boril. Regular Boril is ideally placed at tank or flank position, never at wings. This is so in order for you to maximize his riposte to 3 heroes. But with costume Boril, not only does riposte applicable only to himself and nearby, but to all heroes albeit at a lowered damage. And with that, riposte can be made to all heroes even if the caster is at the wings.


Think activating C-Boril before any attack-all hero goes off? He’s most likely dead. I like the costume.


Well that’s the thing. An AoE hero would take more Riposte damage from the Normal Boril than the Costume Boril. He just tickles Zeline, you don’t even have to heal afterwards. Attacking a team that has Riposte up with a +18 Sir Roostley should kill him every time really but if only 4 are alive in this pattern X-XBX (or X-XXB) he will actually survive from targeting the 3 heroes on the right.

I can’t picture many scenarios where this costume would be better. A 4* buff tournament with green being a restricted color and you have better flank options? Triton-Kiril-Jott-Costume Kiril-Boril? Even that would need like a +20 defensively built Jott and almost no one would have 5 3* troops at a high level. I see Sonya as the better wing even then, to get rid of opposing buffs. You could argue that a human attacking with a sniper now will be hit by that Riposte instead of killing a wing to avoid it altogether but in fact you can now just select the most dangerous target instead and survive in most cases anyway.

If you want a Riposte hero look at Costume Elena or maybe Sif. Level Boril’s Costume just for the stats, the Costume itself is trash. I would support boosting his Riposte to 80% to make it usable (and would still personally hardly ever use him anyway).


Lool. You’re right. 3125 = 375 vs 560= 300 (total damage reflected).

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Exactly my thoughts. 5 targets 60% riposte amounts to 300% riposte back to the aoe attacker. Compared to regular boril who does 3 targets of 125% riposte back to aoe attacker which amounts to 375% back. Regular boril is way better. Putting boril in the wings defeats the purpose of a riposte character. When he fires, half of the team is already dead by then. And for him to reflect just 60% riposte at that time? Really pointless. If he was a poor man’s sif. He would be so much better


To make default Boril better :smirk:

I really never liked the idea of a low counterattack, and was vocal on that in beta. They really wanted to stick with that though.

Low counter damage makes sense on bosses which have high HP values (you need to be fair to the player), but not on a 4* hero who can die to 5* snipes (where higher counter damage would be more useful).


Personally I prefer the costume version because I only need one hero to cover the team. A higher counterattack percentage would be nicer, but what it means is that I now have an empty slot to add another healer to improve survivability.

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Unfortunately c Boril is good only for the bonuses you get after maxing him up, and thats about it.
Not even his paladin talent skill makes it up for the silly special skill he delivers. I was quite thrilled back in time when i seen he us about to get costume, its fun to see enemies killed themselves, too bad that costume Boril is far far behind the original one on that matter. Got my boril at +15, tryed him hard, the real impact of 60%, 4 rounds for all allies vs the original one 115%, 5 round for 3 allies - is seriuosly silly.
Gave myself two weeks to test it out, ever since i never used his costume, coz there is no logic to do so. its a shame.

I never liked boril having riposte in the first place, it’s a wasted skill on him. Cyprian does riposte way better than him. Low Def high health is the only stat spread a riposter should have

I’ve heard this many times before but as an opposing thought for discussion purposes, they aren’t the only ones who reposte, it will be the nearby allies too that should be considered and in fact are actually more important as there will be 2 of them instead of 1. Also important is the survivability of the original caster


This is the problem with the riposte characters is that they don’t do anything else but reflect damage. If Boril could do something extra like heal then it’s worth the use because he’s defense orientated and supports himself. But Boril never gave me any problems when I started playing in raids because he’s just defensive and I tend to brute force my way. Cyprian on the other hand always makes me think twice about attacking him because of how effective he returns damage.
And yes you need to build a team around riposte too, can’t just use any hero. nearby heroes that are weaker in Def like Scarlett and Grimm will benefit from riposte. That’s my dream riposte core, Scarlett, Cyprian, Grimm. Those three under riposte will wreck havoc. By the way the new S3 Gullinbursti probably works really well under riposte core too

I understand the appeal for countering with low defense and high health, but personally I think having good defense is an asset when mixed with counterattack.

Counter damage is also limited by the amount of HP the hero has at the time. If you kill an enemy that counters 125% of damage but they only have 10 HP left, then when they get hit and killed they’ll only return 12 damage off that counterattack.

While higher defense does mean you counter less damage per hit, you can survive by taking more hits and thus keep countering damage for longer durations. That’s where the high defense helps.

I use both Cyprian and Boril on offense frequently, usually on the same team. I think both have their advantages – Cyprian is better for higher counter damage and HP letting him soak up more DoT, while Boril is better at taking abuse and living longer to allow his flanks to counter more damage.

Just my two cents. I think both are great 4*s.


C.Boril with lvl 5 mana troop can charge in 9 tiles instead of 10. I’d probably use normal Boril with Costume Bonus


Not just this but they pumped his stats allll wrong for a counter attack hero…

Counter attack relies on taking bulk damage & surviving… This would (ideally) be reflected in the hero stats by having a lower defence stat & heaps of HP (takes more damage but can survive longer)… an example of this is Costume Elena…

Instead for costume (and to an extent normal boril) they have a massive defence stat which means less damage which means less counter attack…

Alllll of which I TRIED pointing out in Beta but… was ignored :stuck_out_tongue:


I think he would serve nicelly at left wing for gold league. Am I wrong?
If he fires and u could not dispell it, you’re pretty done.

Imagine giving all allies counter attack for very fast mana in tournaments? :wink:

Oh Also a previous assessment I did on all the costumes (including Boril): Costumes... Whats the Point? Which is Better?

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I think costume Boril is purely for map stages, he’s likely to survive for just about ever, which is helpful in those s3 levels, especially in hard mode. If you could pair him with gullinbursti I think you’d have a hard time dying, unless no tiles/mana.

I thought the same thing… The special is too dramatic of a drop for me to see the value in it, over the non costumed. But… as mentioned earlier, the bonus you get from the costume is well worth the max… especially dropping his needed tiles down to 9 with lvl 5 mana… that’s my favorite. : )

… I felt similarly towards the Li Xiu’s costume… maxed it for the bonus, but will use her non-costumed version.


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