What is the Point of the game


So this is another rant…blah blah…MY opinion on why I am deleting this game. Fun in the beginning, yes fun!

Now, what is the point? You playing a RNG / AI in raids, that you damned if you do damned if you dont scenario. Team power means nothing.

The so called reward system is a joke at best. Chests that give you absolutely worthless crap. Beating the titan and comstantly doing well but reward crap.

AW crap! Those new rotten carrot they dangling of war chest, another useless farm reward.

So I dont see the point of the game. The fun is gone. So I fed my heroes to one another as that is the closest to any reward they will ever get.

SG, keep your game, feed your pockets, oops you already doing that.

Rant over, I feel better, game already removed from my phone and google play.


Ok… The title would suggest there was some sort of question raised, but obviously not.

I can understand your frustration, and I can see the source of it. That being said, a part of what you’ve experienced, especially relating to battles and AI, are something you have to learn to both combat and use to your advantage. RNG doesn’t mean strategy isn’t important – rather the opposite. People doing well in battles – at whatever level – aren’t simply lucky. But I guess you’ll never find out. :wink: I hope you find something that suits your better.


didn’t you like the new raid shield system? ) that’s awesome!


I’ve literally come to that point and realisation myself just now. After playing the new pirate event and continually being beaten by overpowered bosses, combined with the overpowered ability to use healers in the raid system, the fun is gone and the P2W aspect of the game has gotten too greedy,

I would need to spend hundreds on the game to get anywhere, and I’m just not prepared to do that, I’d be better throwing my money away on slots in a casino, at least there I’d have a small chance of winning and getting something back other than frustration.

I’m done. Hopefully, everyone else will come to this realisation too.


You mean the one that preys on the vanity of the players who HAVE to be at the top of the leaderboard? Who are LITERALLY paying to stay at the top. Sheep.




People worry to much about what the top players do. I could care less about some virtual leaderboard and what they do or don’t spend. I worry about playing with what I have and making the best decisions on my teams I can.


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Just because you have decided that you no longer enjoy this game does not mean everyone else should also lose enjoyment from it.

I personally still enjoy playing. I do not need a purpose to play; it is entertainment.


Bye boring. Have fun out there. But I’m tired of people thinking I care why they’re going. I’ll make my own decisions based on my experiences. Yours are yours alone. Ta ta


The whole world wonders.


All I have to say is: twenty characters.


Do I have issues with some of the things in this game? Yes. Do I still enjoy this game? Yes. Will I eventually leave this game? Yes, we all will. Will it be anytime soon? No. Will I spend money on this game? Not until they institute a dedicated Season 2 summons. I think the problems with this game are solvable and all games have problems. You can stick around and try to inspire change, because it appears that SG is willing to listen to its player base to determine needed changes. Why not become part of that instead of going to a new game where it has not been proven that the Devs are willing to listen to the players and you are unsure whether it is fun or not?