What is the point of revenge raids?

Only if opponent online and you agree searching someone else to attack.

I just tried it. It still costs ham… :neutral_face:


Yup, It still costs ham for revenges that are online. I had a req for this but people seem to not care.


Really? And all this time I thought I was cheating the system. :cry:

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It’s definitely a good thing to ask for. And I support it. It’s just that with only 5 votes, I’m pretty limited in what I can focus on. I suspect a lot of other people are in the same boat.


Here u go :slight_smile:

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Come on people! I’m like the king of re-rolling, my SH is 20 and I don’t even realise I burn away food while re-rolling. Usualy the food pilliged in a raid compensates the re-rolls for that same raid… So this thing about being against re-rolls because they burn food is a joke…

I love revenges, i rarely raid peoples, i only increase my cup with revenges.


  • you cannot be revenged back

  • peoples underestimate your team so you can destroy them to gain 40+ trophies most of the time.

  • very interesting and challenging battles

  • it’s really fun

  • you economize raid banners (very important point) especially if you havd a great win ratio


  • you just have the choice of revenge a team or not, no team choice to raid and no reroll

  • you cannot attack your opponent while online makes me rage everytime especially if some peoples stay online for 3+ hour . Or if peoples are being in super annoying mode by reconnecting while im revenging.

  • If i fail, and people im trying to raid reconnect because he’s watching notifications because he didnt really close his game, i rage. Hate this kind of troll peoples.

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You get the free reroll.

Maybe it’s purely psychological, but I feel like I have a better win-rate with revenges, than going with the normal raid route. I feel like I can revenge a team significantly stronger than my team and I will almost always win. It feels like much more of a struggle to attack stronger teams in a normal raid.

But again… this is not based on any metric other than how it seems to go for me.

What is the advantage of one victory and one defeat just in changed order?

Mmmmm…milk! Large glass of whole milk with oreo double stuff? It don’t get much better!

@Gryphonknight, I think @Garanwyn saying yes was in answer to your question, but just in case I will state unequivocally @ you that the answer is YES.

I also endorse the earlier point Garanwyn made earlier about getting easier raids by rolling and then doing your revenges.

Actually, what I sometimes do is combine these two game mechanics. I’ll check my normal raid roll. If I like it, the game’s afoot! If not, I do a single revenge, then check my normal raid roll (having gotten, in essence, a free re-roll). If I like it, attack. If not, another revenge. And so on.


I was indeed! The “Absolutely! I do it all the time.” was in reference to Gryphonknight’s question. I can see why it looked a bit uncertain, though. There’s a weird “Discourse-ism” that when your reply to a post is the immediate next one down the thread, it doesn’t show the little avatar circle of who you’re replying to in the upper right corner. But I think it still notifies the person you’re replying to. In any event, thank you for making sure the message didn’t get lost :slight_smile:


It’s a joke when you are SH20. I reroll without concern for the food cost now, too. But a couple months back, I was always low on food, and the idea of spending 1200 Food (when I was only SH12) was horrifying - that stuff was valuable and I had to choose where to use it, I was always waiting for more to show up, etc. Besides that, at those levels, say you skip a handful of unfavorable opponents, spending 6000 Food to find someone you can take on… you might only gain back 4000 Food in such a situation.

Yes, ample Food is a luxury once you really get things rolling, but “Food pain” is a thing for lower-level people, and do we really want those newer players to be discouraged? I would only use revenge attacks back then, because it was the only way I could afford to raid if my current random opponent was too tough to handle.

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I love raiding because it really doesn’t cost me much of anything. It’s a learning tool, helps me when wars come around again experience from raiding assist with wars. It is fun :laughing: I am also competitive by nature and when I see I have been beaten the natural response for me is to return the favor. Breaks up the monotony of farming. Of course all these reasons are just for me, I believe strongly in each to his own :sunglasses:

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They exist so I can get angry at the fact that someone with a defense of only 3700 ish beat my team and I need to beat them back!!!

I don’t care if I have to spend 100 gems on a refill. I WILL HAVE MY REVENGE!!!

Example video below:


So…not a milk drinker?


And the other side of the coin.

I don’t do raids… Why should I? I let the fly’s come to the fly trap.
Awwww pretty light!!! ZAP! ZAP!

I love it when I get hit by 3800+ or even 4K+ and I get my revenge… Sweet nectar of life… They take 12 cups and I take 52… Thank you! I see them go like Ahhhh! W.T.F!

And that my friend is why revenge exists.


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I don’t get it, 20 characters too.

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